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  • rankxx rankxx Sep 16, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Ok, so it's a little too quiet

    And I'm not talking about this message board, although it's pretty sad here too. No news used to seem like good news, to me... Now, now I'm pretty sure we're fckd.

    It's just my gut telling it's over.

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    • For what its worth, i agree. Thought for awhile time is on our side .Problem is market has the pps just right deal imo at best gets us a double or a double and change and no deal bk gets us to a penny or two..No one knows on this mb what will happen . Some research tells you the govt audit triggered on a congressmans or senators i believe letter, was the downfall.The audit report reads like a bad dream.The 8k as we know was UNBELIEVABLE.In my mind it all boils down to . DO WE HAVE AN ASSET? AND HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH IN A FORCED SALE.?They have had 4 full weeks since black monday and like everyone knows,SILENCE.Hey az bud.Did you get back in today?imo the pps upside and downside are similar as i mentioned but the odds like most of us think is a bad For all we know they could do a deal but at like 25 cents also.So we could win and lose on the same pr. .I sold much of my position today (post black monday buys).cpa looked at it this way.I was buying shares at like 33 -37 cents long prior to the 8k so why the ef am i buying now after the 8k.

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      • saltwaternurse Sep 16, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

        Oh Rank, I know it seems a bit that way but unless you're at the point of bailing (which believe me, I'd totally understand), don't let the Shmuck Feeling cloud your horizon, try to keep a shred of hope - I know, not easy. Been there. Done that. On one side, yeah - desolate , a wasteland actually, heard nothing, just like Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Anyday...But *but* neither did we hear De-listing. Neither did we hear Bankruptcy. Honestly, it's just like last week. Just need the Patience of Job! (not the slightest bit religious, is that how I spell Job? Jobe? lol)