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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Sep 17, 2013 2:45 PM Flag


    I can lead horses to water but I cant make them drink.Bell kudos on your call and my not selling Friday at the bell (no pun intended) and of course in cpas world your (inside maybe) posts on bk a few hours later was typical of my world. But as I said thank goodnes,s ravi was probably not able to get all the I s crossed and Tees dotted by pre market yesterday.. I believed your posts to an extent but was hesitant with your cash number. Apparantly they were spot on. What the ef did Ravi do with the 8 mil?Az bud. I would advise you to do as much dd as you can now.If one does one may be in the best position in a long time with ecty to buy or not to buy,short or not to short.

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