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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Sep 17, 2013 9:38 PM Flag


    the less sense the company is,does ,has done and everything around it makes.Mark this post.THIS IS NOT A REORGANIZATION. AS IT STANDS NOW IMO THE COMPANY WILL BE GONE(ADIOS) and in not that long of a time..They want to end and bury this thing real quick.For all we know the co could file the 2q numbers tomm.imo this thing is a cluster f.WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FINAL OUTCOME WILL BE?

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    • Company will be gone by Oct 15th.

    • this could still be ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.Bell seemed to be the only leak.They pay the mill that they had to accrue p/r contractor issue. Did not think they would pay it. And then had to borrow a mil to keep going for a few more weeks. bizzarro world.Possibly had to pay it before filing cause it was considered back wages .Just thinking out loud.

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      • I tried to tell you, but all you wanted to do is not listen. The accounting firm, McGladrey as well as 95% of senior and middle management knew this company would fail. After the Government money stopped coming in this company was finished. They had no business plan to sell their products to the business community or residential customer. They were to expensive compared to the competition. They had focused on cost when they created any of there products. Plus, most of the products are poor quality. This is why no one would buy them. It would cost more to correct the problems then the assets are worth. The Company knew that when the EV project was complete that they were finished. They knew this about a year ago.