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  • markkreciak markkreciak Sep 19, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    again i say

    just because ecty filed for bk protection does not mean it will happen. a large cash infusion or buyout is still possible

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    • I was going to play this out until I read the official release that ECTY officers have until Oct 15 to fleece the company of any remaining assets ..

    • Read this and listen.. The company will sale their assets to former executive employees ( Karner & Morrow are lining up.) They want the test equipment and maybe will look at fixing the junk they original created. THIS COMPANY WILL BE OFFICIAL GONE ON OCTOBER 15TH. The stock will be zero. The people who buy the assets will most likely not create another public company because it is to expensive. They will try to con a new set of customers into buying this electrical charging junk. Sad.....

    • it is an asset sale .Not a buyout or cash infusion.They sell the assets to a buyer. The cash they get from the asset sale pays the attorneys.Maybe they are being billed at like 400 or 500 an hour. per attorney,Then the creditors get paid, the loan, and the 1 mill or so from the bridge loan they just got to do this sale.And after that the common shareholders get money but if you read the last 8k slowly it B HIGHLY UNLIKELY.thats why they filed under chap 11 anyway. No white night came.READ BELLS POSTS AGAIN.POOR QUALITY OF ECTYS COMMERCIAL CHARGERS AND THERE ARE BETTER QUALITY AND CHEAPER ONES OUT THERE.Hope springs eternal I know, but try to concentrate on REALITY.AS OTHERS HAVE SAID ,ECTY IS A PENNY STOCK NOW

    • come on man. markiemark..almost anything is possible but plese, You are holding on to threads. So if its possible buy tons and tons of shares at 14cents.and if the possibility as you are hoping for happens .A LARGE CASH INFUSION. then you will be a rich man.All because of ecty.

    • I sold my short and will hold my long from pre-revsplit (its virtually worthless anyway.) I'm done following this garbage. Maybe in a few years I'll open up my TD account and see I'm a millionaire...haha. But I doubt it. Have fun playing with pennies gents. I'm not wasting my time following this anymore.

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