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  • c4n_2000 c4n_2000 Oct 29, 2003 12:49 PM Flag

    e-mail from doc nextel

    "Last night I told all of you that T-AWE is a real possibility...the Market in light of BLS-T being benched will now figure out where T is we all know that AWE was $28 when IPOed and that DoCoMo is in with write downs around $17 a share...T long term cannot survive without a wireless arm...You do the do the math...T and AWE will be announcing that something is in the works...for our purposes that story will be worth at least $5 added to AWE's price...If AWE in its CC hadn't screwed up on adds, you would be sitting with a $9.50 stock today...AWE will soon correct that misconception for you..."

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