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  • c4n_2000 c4n_2000 Nov 13, 2003 8:51 AM Flag

    Merger New coming out !!

    "Just use your head...Can T survive as a stand alone company? Can MCI survive as a stand alone company? If your answers are YES, then there is no reason to read further...If your answer is NO, then ask yourself, what do both of these companies need?...The answer is a wireless arm...Now ask yourself, can AWE survive as a stand alone company?...Now this one is tricky...I don't think that AWE going forward can compete with VZ, Cingular, PCS, T-Mobile which are owned by a wireline company...BUNDLING is the name of the game. The truth of the matter is that Mike Armstrong at T way back when REALLY had it all figured out CORRECTLY...that being cable, landline, wireless etc...unfortunately he got caught in the Market collapse and sold or spun off teh parts...IF he had done nothing, the old T would probably selling for $40-50 a share if not more...TIMING...Now onto this AWE thing...
    Just so you know AWE has been talking to a whole lot of people, NXTL, Cingular included...THERE IS A DEAL coming...Cramer has been telegraphing the thing for a couple of months now..."

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