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  • I think the check cashing machine is a great idea! I bought PWN on 97/12/12. Is there anyone else out there with some comments?

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    • I think check cashing michines will become
      perfect for people like myself who don't have enough
      credit nor other credentials to obtain a checking
      account from a bank or credit union. A person would need
      the proper credentrials in order to get cash or to
      deposit a check in the system. I think check cashing
      mac.will become the answer to many of our check cashing
      problems. (jj)

    • I agree that this machine seems like a very good idea. However, on their fundamentals only, PWN looks like a great buy with a large insiders holding, the big buy back of their shares last year (15%) and their cash generating ability as they can leverage their balance sheet a lot more in line with banks. By the way, they seem to have understood that they were making their money on their loans as they are moving their inventory of pawned items a lot faster than in the previous years.

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