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  • I was a little disappointed in the numbers from
    the pawn store operations - management claimed bad
    weather in 4th quarter. I am wondering if the great
    economic conditions are not all that good for pawn shops -
    perhaps the stores do better in a recesison. Just a

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    • Pawn shops are a very well balanced business and
      are generally not effected by economic conditons.
      During slowdowns, the loan side of the business trends
      up and during goodtimes, the inventory liquidation
      side of the business does well. As an 8 year employee
      at PWN, I saw this cycle repeated several times.

    • The ice storms that came through Texas, Tenn, etc
      before Christmas really hurt the stores in that region.
      That area also has a high concentration of stores. I
      look for the earnings growth to be pretty exceptional
      in the next 12 months. I think this is a great buy
      here @ current levels.

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