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  • that Innoventry is looking to go public sometime soon. I suspect that is the catalyst driving this stock right now. IMO.

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    • Yeah stupid, they got more than you. Duh! Do you
      think that the fat cats in H.O. and regional offices
      didn't get more than you?

      Welcome to the
      corporate world. We do the work and make the profit for the
      company. People higher up eat up all the profit in
      salaries and bonus. Then; bang! There's nothing left after
      paying all these guys get their huge salaries so we
      don't get raises. 300 options....wooooooo. That might
      be worth a tank of gas in about 4 years.

      here's your great plan; we bring all these people back
      into the stores. What does that do? First, Cash
      America has to have stores available for them. So that
      means assholes like you are put out on the street. (Hey
      maybe this isn't such a bad idea after

      Second, yeah their talent could be used in the store. So
      you bring them into a store. Great, that one store
      does good and all the rest still suck. Who's going to
      try to teach all the rest of the managers how to run
      a store? With no one in charge, they are all going
      to wither and die. Maybe the next person up? Yeah,
      right. I never see anyone but my market manager. All the
      other people are too busy playing golf or are always
      off. (Voice mail sucks by the way)

      If we were
      smart, we'd cut out some of the stupid programs and BS
      that they send out. They should ask the store managers
      for their opinions more often. We work in the store
      everyday and know what the challenges are. Don't sit
      behind a desk in DFW and decide whats going to work for

      Go to work for EZ you

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