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    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about PWN, where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • I'm usually a cheerleader for Mr. Payroll
      checkcashing machine, but in today's WSJ - "Heard on the
      Street" there is a large article about Southland (7-11
      stores). Here is a quote about their experience with the
      checkcashing machine -

      Southland's recent moves. One
      initiative Mr. Rowe cites as
      disappointing: an Austin
      test run of automated teller machines that
      checks, issue money orders and dispense prepaid
      long-distance phone
      cards, among other things. Southland's
      Mr. Keyes says he is pleased with
      the initial
      results, but the company hasn't yet decided on a
      rollout. Mr. Rowe, however, hasn't been impressed thus
      far. "Not one
      store has told us they think this has
      added a single penny to same-store
      sales," he
      Further, Mr. Telzrow says, while the venture
      could prove beneficial,
      the initial sign-up
      procedure for check-cashing customers takes too long
      about 10 minutes. This raises questions about whether
      the machines
      are worth the cost, which he
      estimates at about $80,000 each. The
      company declined to
      confirm the cost.

      Hmmm. . . .

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      • I believe this is positive news. Everyone has
        been concerned
        about competition and what sets PWN
        apart. This is good
        evidence that the analyst may be
        correct. Mr. Payroll appears
        to be more cost efficient,
        quicker and their tests results appear to be positive.
        Otherwise, why would Wells Fargo, Crestar, Racetrac, etc.
        ,etc., etc. wast their time.

      • In Hoak Breedlove Wesneski report dated July 27,
        1998, they have a section on competition which I
        believe addresses your concerns. The two big problems for
        the Southland machine is cost $80,000 vs $ 55,000;
        and the approval/signup process takes too long
        compared to Mr. Payroll. I read the Wall Street journal
        article, and believe it is encouraging from the standpoint
        the competition may be dwindling.

      • Very good news for Mr. Payroll. That pilot was
        done with a competitor of the originator of the
        automated check cashing machine. Check your facts. Mr.
        Payroll continues to impress with high usage rates and
        continued performance.

    • Check out THIS from a couple of days

      I got in at 11 1/8 and I'm certainly looking
      forward to a good ride. This is a great company.

    • I was a little disappointed in the numbers from
      the pawn store operations - management claimed bad
      weather in 4th quarter. I am wondering if the great
      economic conditions are not all that good for pawn shops -
      perhaps the stores do better in a recesison. Just a

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      • Pawn shops are a very well balanced business and
        are generally not effected by economic conditons.
        During slowdowns, the loan side of the business trends
        up and during goodtimes, the inventory liquidation
        side of the business does well. As an 8 year employee
        at PWN, I saw this cycle repeated several times.

      • The ice storms that came through Texas, Tenn, etc
        before Christmas really hurt the stores in that region.
        That area also has a high concentration of stores. I
        look for the earnings growth to be pretty exceptional
        in the next 12 months. I think this is a great buy
        here @ current levels.

    • Miros And Mr. Payroll Forge Partnership For The Next Wave Of ATMs; Face
      Recognition Technology To Be Integrated In Automated Check-Cashing

      WELLESLEY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 1998--Miros, Inc., developers of
      the world's easiest and most reliable personal identification systems, has
      expanded its partnership with Mr. Payroll Corporation. Mr. Payroll, a wholly
      owned subsidiary of Cash America International and the leader in automated
      check-cashing and ATM services, has agreed to enlarge its licensing of Miros'
      TrueFace engines. The agreement is a result of overwhelming customer
      satisfaction and increasing demand in new application areas. The technology,
      currently in use in over 35 check-cashing machines since June 1997, will be
      integrated into all upcoming installations over a three year period. Miros'
      patented face recognition technology enables Mr. Payroll customers to quickly
      and securely cash checks by verifying their identities.
      Under the terms of the agreement, Miros will provide Mr. Payroll with the
      TrueFace software as well as ongoing support and maintenance through the year

    • I think the check cashing machine is a great idea! I bought PWN on 97/12/12. Is there anyone else out there with some comments?

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      • I think check cashing michines will become
        perfect for people like myself who don't have enough
        credit nor other credentials to obtain a checking
        account from a bank or credit union. A person would need
        the proper credentrials in order to get cash or to
        deposit a check in the system. I think check cashing
        mac.will become the answer to many of our check cashing
        problems. (jj)

      • I agree that this machine seems like a very good idea. However, on their fundamentals only, PWN looks like a great buy with a large insiders holding, the big buy back of their shares last year (15%) and their cash generating ability as they can leverage their balance sheet a lot more in line with banks. By the way, they seem to have understood that they were making their money on their loans as they are moving their inventory of pawned items a lot faster than in the previous years.

    • The board has been silent as of late. PWN is
      sliding, today on higher than average volume, and no news.
      What gives? Would one of you smart people throw an
      opinion out there for the rest of us to absorb?

    • Today's announced alliance with a Virginia bank
      is another indication that the route Mr. Payroll is
      going to go will be joint ventures (such as Wells
      Fargo) and alliances in which some of the costs (and
      profits) are shared. This is probably the most cautious
      and prudent way to go. I think it is a good
      indication that new banks and companies are signing on to
      this project. I still can't believe that there isn't
      more (or any) competition in this type of machine -
      isn't Diebold or someone going to get into the act?

      • 2 Replies to mentges
      • I agree that alliances are a more likely strategy
        than a spinoff.

        I caution everyone not to get
        too excited about the Crestar announcement. Crestar
        is being acquired by SunTrust. SunTrust may be the
        most conservative bank in the world; and, they almost
        exclusively target the affluent. I can't imagine them
        a big investment in a check cashing machine
        for the "unbanked."

      • If you review the news releases from a few months
        back, you will notice that things began to happen with
        Mr. Payroll just after the announcement of Dan
        Fehan's move from President of Cash America to Co-CEO of
        Mr. Payroll. Coincidence? I think not.

        Fehan went to CA they were a 150 shop national chain.
        They currently have approx. 475 shops worldwide.

    • don't know if you all got your paper annual
      report yet, but in all my years, the Feehan open letter
      was one of the most forthcoming I have seen. Really
      acknowledged the problems, and didn't try to gloss over.
      Especially interesting comments on the economy - pawn
      operations don't do so well in a full-employement booming
      economy, but expect customers to come back when things
      cool down.

      The report give me confidence that
      Feehan will make needed changes. Any other thoughts?
      Have other people recieved the report?

    • I have good things about these guys and that they are making great inroads...Seems like they are "demo-ing" lots of equipment to banks, etc...My concern before buying is that Diebold Corp is the leader in this tehnology and has landed some big contracts w/ BancOne who PWN has been courting....I would like to buy into this company, but am not sure they can compete or hold on for the long haul...any comments...???
      Who else might be familiar w/ a Diebold comparison??

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      • The machines that Diebold recently sold to Bank One were cash dispensers, which I do not believe will dispense cash if I put
        in a check. If Diebold has a check cashing machine, I would like information on it. I have a feeling that Diebold's machines
        give cash against ATM cards, credit cards, etc. I would assume that the normal person who would use a check cashing machine would
        probably not have a checking account or a credit card. I believe that Cash America and Diebold at this point are not trying to
        attract the same customer base. If I'm wrong, please let me know. By the way, Cash America's machine is in 11 Wells Fargo bank
        lobbies in California and they are also testing the machine, along with Bank of America and Krogers in 3 Kroger stores. There are
        34+ machines in place with 60 more on order. I would assume that the 170+ manned Mr. Payroll locations in various retailers
        throughout the country would also convert to the unmanned machine because of the lower cost. Cash America, I believe has an inroad in
        the unmanned check cashing arena.

      • I own Diebold and love it! DBD is well-positioned for future growth.

    • Hey,

      These guys post 20% earnings growth, have this cash machine super kicker and still this send this stock going down. I am, too say the least, confused.

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