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    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about PWN, where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • because it gives companies that are down but with news coming out very soon. I think it's an interesting investment perspective. Instead of buying air with the chance of getting indeed more air, you can buy on the ground and hope it takes off.

    • You can get profitable information here.
      It's a little community where news rumors are posted, evaluated and send out... And it's free !

    • If you are considering buying or selling PWN you could (and probably should) check

    • Splits to be announced...

      ... via an
      interesting service billed as the split predictor.

      not sure how it works or how they put this
      information together but
      their track record has my
      interest piqued.

      What would it be like to have info
      on upcoming splits BEFORE they happen?
      Or, what
      would it be like NOT to have that information if its

      Anyway, I got access to the site and features through
      this free link; just
      cut and paste or type it

    • I'm sure you've seen the buzz throughout the
      Internet about Level 2 quotes as investors ask each other
      what the price is like for a stock on the Level 2. A
      flat quote just doesn't cut it anymore.

      what it is is a system that shows how many people are
      on the bid and ask for a stock at a point in

      It was designed for brokers to evaluate the best
      time to buy and sell but with the advent of the net it
      is now available for the average investor.

      really gives you a much better grasp of the strength of
      a stock price and the momentum.

      It also
      lets you keep your broker honest by seeing what the
      market will bear. Same goes for the on-line brokerages
      who so-often "just miss" the price you

      Keep them honest, stay informed, and add this free
      service to your arsenal:

      Just visit the free stock
      site at for access to the Level 2

      Why be in the dark with PWN

    • Anyone here interested in seeing the latest

      I'm intrigued by some of the new forecasts
      considering the last research
      report, (it's there

      Seems I had missed a lot about the company in my
      earlier research. Guess
      that�s why they pay the

      Anyway, take a peek at the research report... this newest
      one or the
      archived ones, and tell me if you agree
      with the price target�and the

      I�ve got my fingers crossed.

      Oh yeah, here's
      the link to the free research report

    • I own a couple of Mr. Payroll check cashing
      stores, and I just can't imagine why people would want to
      use the machines -- they are more expensive, slower,
      and not as friendly. Plus, you need to turn your
      money over faster and a machine just doesn't lend
      itself to you picking up the checks at 4:55pm and
      running them to the bank.

      I'm not sold on the
      machines, but then again, I don't own any of


    • After Hours�

      As technology advances so too
      go the markets and now it seems more and more people
      are trading electonically long after the markets

      It�s the After Hours market�wild, crazy and often a
      strong indication of what�s to come the next trading

      Think about it: News, a filing, or an earnings report
      comes out after the bell. Want to wait until tomorrow
      when the whole world is moving on it?

      Or do you
      want to see what the stock is trading at in the After

      Here�s a free link to if
      you decide you want to keep an eye on PWN

    • The check cashing machine is a seriously flawed
      concept, and will never amount to anything significant,
      IMO. Unloading this on Wells is one of the few smart
      decisions PWN management has made over the last few years.

    • Wells Fargo has a greater capital investment and
      have been personally involved in hand picking the
      management team that is developing this system. Just sit
      back and watch. This invention will make a 100 times
      more money than we ever dreamed CAI would make.

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