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  • orange10_1998 orange10_1998 Aug 12, 1999 1:39 PM Flag

    I hope is the bottom. eom


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    • I am not sure how payday loans work nor how the
      exact intricies for the pawn business work but if you
      reduce it to this this is how I see it.
      pay day loans
      is loans aganst your pay check to come next week
      base on your check stub. OK. So now I go to a place
      that does this I give them my data ans show them a
      check stub I come away with 500 or even 1000 dollars
      what if I decide not to go and pay back. but with a
      pawn I give them mdse that they can sell for twice or
      even more than I borrow if I dont come back they sell
      and get their money back not so with the pay
      day loan.....

      please tell me more maybe I dont
      understand how both work

    • They missed 6/99 estimates by -30% (.07 vs. .10).
      They have lowered 9/99 estimates 75% (from .12 to .03)
      and 12/99 estimates 64% (from .28 to .10). IF they
      can make current estimates they will end with .38 EPS
      for the fiscal year. IMO, a good P/E on this stock
      (considering risk) would be about 12 to 15 so you're looking
      at a current value of $4.56 to $5.70 a share. If
      you're pricing this stock on "book" value remember that
      we're talking about approx $200,000,000 worth of used
      stuff that is being evaluated solely by the company and
      capitalized with all the exhorbitant pawn charges rolled in
      and a .93 debt/equity ratio hanging over it to
      If you think that's a "good" report I've got an
      Arizona land deal you're gonna love. Personally, I like
      their stores and shop there from time to time.
      Occasionally I catch them napping and snag a REAL bargain, but
      IRID stock is probably a better deal today and they
      (IRID) just filed chapter 11. Good Luck!!

    • he is a gay midget fund manager who has dandruff
      and a poor self image(not to mention a sexual
      deviate) he bought compaq at 51, foodlion at 12 1/4, yahoo
      at 212... so he is not the most qualified to give
      advice on stock, especially echo, which he bought at 3
      15/16 and sold at 1. now that echo is rising he is

    • stock drifted back on low volume by 3 pm est
      stock at 7 1/8 then volume was aprox 9800sh then the
      buy side came in and volume rose to 123k and closed
      at 7 1/2 up for the day. next hurdle is 21 day
      moving avg if stock can get through that with volume you
      could see a quick move to 10

    • pwn to get the machines out the door. Very risky in my opinion.

    • Does anybody have any info on the deal with
      krogers and circle,
      what is PWN take on cashing a
      check and do they pay for the floor
      space for their
      check/cashing machine or do the retailers get a percentage, how
      will these customers sign up to cash their checks,
      will their faces be scanned then stored or
      Any other retailers coming on board Safeway, Walmart
      etc etc??
      Thanks for any help

    • Payday loan is made against verification of
      employment, utilities and bank account. Risk is fairly high -
      but the amount of risk is minimual. Normally you must
      gain credit by first getting a $50 or $100 loan -
      paying it back, then increasing in $50 or $100 amounts
      until the amount loaned is between $250 and $500 (I
      know of no state that allows over $500 - but that
      doesn't mean they don't exist.) At any point the customer
      defaults you are basically out of the money - there are
      limited collections you can try - legality is still being
      determined in most states. Not to mention the ethics of such
      loans - many states are so concerned of the unethical
      image of these loans they have regulated them out of
      My very limited knowledge.

    • Most pay day loans are a loan which has a post
      dated check as collateral. The customer can pay off the
      loan before deposit day or allow the check to be
      deposited. If the check is good when deposited, all is well
      and good and the birds will continue to sing. If not,
      the lender is left to collect the bad check. There is
      much discussion as to the validity of a post dated
      check and to what extent collection can be persued
      since the lender knew that it was NSF when written.

    • EZ Corp is a pawn corporation traded on Nasdaq under EZPW

    • I figured that PWN selling near the 52 week low -
      the downside risk is pretty minimal. Upside with any
      new directions AND the new checkcashing machine
      should make this stock more attractive. I like the
      bill-paying aspect of the news release. A lot of internet
      companies are rushing into this, so there must be a lot of
      money to service utility bills, etc. Millions of people
      do not (and probably will not) have computers and
      internet link-ups, so the market is very big for the
      checkcashing/billpaying machine.

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