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  • chartmancommeth44 chartmancommeth44 Nov 21, 2011 7:54 PM Flag

    It really is funny

    I find it incredibly funny how DTLK just keeps on underperforming the market on good and bad days. This company has grown earnings and beaten estimates for every qtr in the past year, grown revs and margins, yet the stock gets no respect. The IBD canslim method is how I pick stocks and DTLK qualifies for top of the list in many of IBD's indicators, except relative strength.

    Not sure why or how, this stock trades so lousy. I've been watching it for the past 3 and a half weeks...finally took a position today. I did notice it's underperformance, hence my post.

    Maybe someone else has something to add? Any long term frustrated holders of the stock..

    Sooner or later the street will find DTLK and drive it up...they always come to the party (Or start the party), you just never know when they're going to come...but they always do

    Good luck

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    • "Also, most times when a stock doesn't participate in a huge up move, it will usually move up the next day or two my experience "

      you haven't been around DTLK very long. this stock will lag for weeks straight. at least that's been the case since about August. today just happened to be the one out of 4 or 5 where it outperforms.

    • Btw, thats also one of my rules, never buy stocks up big when the market gaps up huge....thats why I wojld have bought dtlk yesterday. Also, most times when a stock doesn't participate in a huge up move, it will usually move up the next day or two my experience

    • Pink,

      yesterday was a good time to buy if you ask me.The stock was down big while the market was up me, thats when you buy, providing its not down on bad news. I don't believe dtlk will go any lower than 6.60 area...theres alot of support in there. The fundamentals dont justify a pps lower than that either...but, the pps is relative and not always rational.

    • I actually meant yesterday. Yesterday, Datalink was down when the market was hugely up. I do not want to buy when the market is up. I know Nasaq is down today, but not that much. It needs to be own at least a percent. The situation now is so volatile.

    • NASDAQ is down not sure what you're talking about

    • Hey Chartman,
      Thx so much for ur message. I saw actually DTLK at 6.99 yesterday. I just couldn't buy it though :-( Since i started trading from March of 2009, i have made a rule from my ltd. experience, that I will not buy anything when the market is up. So didnt buy yesterday. Again i have to wait for a down day.

    • Hey pink, yeah I remember for market, I haven't a clue where its going. This european message is dictating where our markets are going. As for dtlk, I think its a great company. They've been beating estimates every qtr and raising guidance, which is what you want to see in a company. It shows theyre growing ands making money...only problem is the trading of the stock. It's bizarre the way it trades, it's always weak and seems like it goes down a lot, especially when the markets are up. I dont know, but it seems like a great company in my book.

      Good luck

    • =$15 stock today, an easy 2x bagger from here, makes no sense down here!!!

    • Since April 4, 2011 (the earliest date in my data set,) there have about 160 trading days, and DTLK has done better than the NASDAQ on 80 of those days.

      Since April 4, DTLK is up 13% (as of yesterday's close,) while the NASDAQ is down 9.6%.

      I've been dollar-cost-averaging in and out as the stock moves through these swings.

      I've said for quite a while now, that the stock generally underperforms on down-market days, and overperforms on up-market days, but there are exceptions, and the stock can be driven counter-market by what I think are one or two traders or market makers using algorithmic, computer-driven trading.

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      • Egg on my face after today....but taking a position yesterday at 7.30, i don't really mind. Also had a large order in for a buy at 7.19 but for some reason only 500 of it filled this morning even though the price hit 7.13 at the open....I hate MM's and the Wall St games played with's so not stacked in our favor. My whole 4k order should have been filled and if it was filled, the price never would have hit 7.13. But for some reason someone, or something, wanted the price to hit 7.13 area....uhhhg. Woulda been a great trade had it all been filled...

    • cane5 Nov 22, 2011 12:28 PM Flag


      Look at the chart man it's all for you to see brother. Same repeated pattern for a year now. Buy low sell high.....

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