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  • mble940433 mble940433 Oct 10, 1999 6:26 AM Flag

    Read this before you sell DTLK!!!

    Two nice articals were written on DTLK on Comtex
    over the weekend. I would post it but better not. Says
    the industry is growing faster than it can be filled.
    Fiber channel is the KEY. Should see some interest.
    Hold tight and get what you deserve out of your
    Internet IPO...


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    • If you look at the recent pattern, it appears
      that we are entering a repeat of last week. Move up to
      16-17, then profit-taking sets in. However, with the
      upcoming earnings report, I think that this stock may hold
      that level. I don't really think that the 20's is
      realistic in the near term, though this is a stellar stock
      and may move through the twenties in the coming
      As far as the company strategy, it is very similar
      to what some of the bigger players are doing now,
      though in a nice niche. The Cisco/KPMG alliance was
      conceived to allow hardware and strategic consulting to
      work hand-in-hand. DTLK appears to be doing this as
      well. I think there is great promise in this company.

    • TokyoMex/Joe bought this last Thurs or Fri at
      around 15. Many others bought about 1/2 or so above
      that. It closed at 16 on Fri, though it had been near
      17. No mention from TM on DTLK all day monday. Today,
      just as DTLK hit its nadir, TM says he is buying 10k
      shares (price around 13 1/2, I believe). That resulted
      in the quick leap north to the 14 1/2 or so in the
      early p.m. Undoubtedly, after it rose by more than a
      point, TM, savvy investor that he is, sold for a $10K
      plus gain. His minions probably followed suit soon
      after, especially after the DOW & NASDAQ really began to
      take it on the chin in later p.m.

      The stock is
      on TM's radar screen however because of the good
      revenue growth, so he will probably buy back in if he
      thinks he can scalp some profit. Need some strong news
      &/or earnings to get the stock really moving upward.

    • I bought DTLK on pure speculation that DTLK shoul breakout to
      $20 pre earnings and will drop off to 17 or 16 post earnings. Does this make sense. BTW I got in @ 14.00.

    • Somebody dumped 35,000 shares in the last 5
      minutes. Last trade of 14,400 was even below the bid.
      Stock was trading up at 14.5 right before this. Down
      almost 1 point in the laast 5 minutes. Probably the last
      of TJ. Hope they're all gone. Anyone know whats
      going on?

    • Up 1/2 point while DOW down 180. Is this baby ready to rock or what?

    • CC at 9.30 EST. This info is available on DTLK web site under investor info, calender....


      I don't know if this is what your were talking about. This link was on the Datalink site....hope it helps.


    • is data link doing a conference/trade show with lgto vrts? i thought i read that somewhere recently.

    • stock since 1. They report on Oct. 20 and are
      expected to post .15 2) As you said they also have
      products in Fibre channel space and most SNA product
      companies, BRCD and the likes have huge market cap..

      At this point, both DTLK and CMNT are being valued a
      lot less although both have good revenue, earnings
      and have products in SNA space...

      Note: Long

    • where can I see these articals at. Thanks


      • 2 Replies to xkepower
      • From A news source that I get with my DTNIQ Level
        II quotes. Don't know the link or would have posted
        it. Copyrighted I am sure and unlinkable to my
        knowledge.I watched DTLK all day on Friday and what I saw
        looked positive. Of coarse thet can turn at any

        The Artical...

        It was mainly talking about how
        the industry was having A hard time keeping up with
        demand because of A lack of qualified workers. There was
        actually 2 Articals. One on the industry, and the other on
        how big money is pouring in to find qualified workers
        for this area. Not nessicarily by DTLK but bigger
        companies to help out companies like DTLK support them.
        That is how I interpret it. Hope this

        Good luck all, and hope the volume stays for A couple
        more days to confirm this move. With price
        appreciation. Then 15 should form A base for us. Which would
        then form another positive cup and handle! If volume
        dies, I would be suspicious on A downturn. Volume
        decline should be OK if we can maintain close to these
        Sure hope we don't test that 12-13 level
        Feeling very positive!!!

        PS. If you don't
        own NTCT, Do your research! It will pop at the open
        because of an IBD artical but it may be A good plundge
        anyway. I would buy on any weakness. Should be A huge
        player in the long run!!! Hope I didn't sound like A
        pumper...cause I care less what you guys buy.... Just A extra!
        extra! By the way, BIZ Ideas showed up there...

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