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  • bnmrye bnmrye Aug 31, 1999 6:35 PM Flag

    Idiots Idiots Everywhere

    IDIOT #1 (Onetuffsell Msg#151): I have never
    heard such bleeding-heart drivel about the environment
    since Gore's joke of a book. I can't believe this guy
    actually gets his perspective from a lame Hollywood movie.
    If that's the case we better prepare for an alien
    invasion because I saw that Will Smith movie "Independence
    Day". Companies such as USL are out to clean up the
    s**t guys like you make... or I guess you don't drive
    a car, use any petroleum products or eat at
    restaurants with grease traps. If USL doesn't do it who will
    and WHERE?? In this business it is almost impossible
    to not have some minor problems and at this point I
    still haven't heard of any formal charges being filed,
    only allegations from the FBI et al. It's now been
    almost a week. If they found anything why haven't they
    announced it. Another case of the enviro-Nazis over

    IDIOT #2 (rocketscience Msg#152): He obviously isn't
    one if he doesn't recognize legal boilerplate
    language. These guys are sleazebag vultures who have no
    clue of the facts. All they know is a stock had a
    major price decline, which is all they care about or
    need to know to smell blood. Hey "onetuffsell" I saw
    "The Firm" too.

    IDIOT #3 (fraudwatch Msg#155):
    I guess this guy is not an idiot, just a
    blood-sucking parasite trying to drum up business for their
    class action lawsuit. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is the
    stock market and stocks do go down as well as up. Just
    because they do go down doesn't mean someone has to be
    sued, and who do you think pays the settlement.... YOU

    orange10 (Msg#153) is the
    only sane voice I have heard. He grasps the reality
    that the Detroit plant is not the real problem. The
    earnings warning is..

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    • Has anyone ever seen insider buying like this in their recent memory. Absolutely incredible!

    • why do you expect .03 to .05 eps?

    • I would estimate that the reclaimed oil business
      is less than 5% of their business. However, probably
      65% of their business is affected by the cost of
      disposal of the liquid haz fuel. USL has non-Haz
      operations, waste water treatment and solidification/solid
      fuel programs that are not affected by the price of
      fossil fuels. It has been the burden of everyone in this
      industry since cement kilns started charging to take fuel
      versus paying for it. Continual changes to the MACT
      (maximum achievable control technology) is making it a
      nightmare for cement kilns to burn haz fuel. Funny thing
      is, more haz constituents such as benzene, phenol and
      heavy metals are found in the fossil fuel than in the

    • i work for a publicly traded company and
      is a blackout period for which the company
      release any type of financial information. i
      this is also what is going on at USL. the
      moments for this stock will be in the
      news release on
      the 3rd and the conference call
      that day....until
      then i think the weak will
      shake out...which is
      fine with me.

      financially this company's stock
      has no business
      where it's at...but the big gamble
      is once a
      company has been tainted with the
      "dumping" label
      public perception is
      by me loading up on this stock...i feel that

      good news about the detriot facility along
      probably somewhere around .03 to .05 in eps will
      this stock...revenues will be there because
      effected division only accounts for 10% of
      tell me what you think...

      this thing WILL
      ON USL!!!

    • More than average movement but to the negative, no news???

    • i just bought a ton of this stock today.

    • it seems pretty obvious to me that this
      company/stock will get back on track after reading their 10Q's.
      it states that over 90% of their revenues are
      derived from plants other than detroit's. on top of that,
      i have a feeling, based on insider buying, that the
      loss anticipated this quarter will be a lot smaller or
      be a gain all together. in addition, maybe they'll
      announce that the detroit facility will be open. i mean
      they did say a while back that detroit would open in

    • When this stock gets to $15, I am going to
      Europe. If it makes it back to $20, which I think it
      will, I am going to buy a new car and take a trip to
      Europe. Have a beautiful day, and dont worry about the
      lawsuits. I am sure that USL has plenty of top shelf
      lawyers working for them. Being in the waste business,
      you need quite a few sharp lawyers on your team. So
      stop worrying. If you want to go to Europe with me,
      buy more shares and you will make plenty of $$$$$$.

    • USL's revenues from the oil recycling business
      for last year was 14.3%.

      In one of the
      conference calls, it was mentioned that going forward this
      percentage would decrease given that it was the other areas
      of the business that were being grown faster than
      that of oil recycling.

      [of course this doesn't
      say anything about what the effect of oil would be on
      operational expenses.]

    • your explanation makes sense, at least as far as that part of usl's income which pertains to the resale of recylcled oil and fuel. what percentage of usl's business would you say this is?

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