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  • smanitco smanitco Dec 13, 1999 5:47 PM Flag

    Has anyone analyzed USL carefully?

    It seems to me that the Detroit thing was a fluke
    and will neg. impact earnings for just 1 more
    quarter. The real issues is... will the bank credit stay
    and will they continue making acquisitions and

    If so, with $1/share in earnings, $7 isn't so bad a
    price. What do you all consider USL's main competitors?
    What are their PEs?


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    • Soon. Someone has leaked some positive news, My guess is they will have the Detroit Plant open soon. When they do the fun begins.

    • any word on the detroit office re-opening? is this stock projected to earn over $1/ share next year?

    • got in MDR yet? It seems that it is about
      the time.

    • You are all so naive. The principle management is
      comprised of ex-garbage, solid waste wannabees lacking
      people and customer service skills. There are numerous
      litigations in the other markets in the depo and examination
      phases not related to shareholder interests, with other
      major phoo-pahs (2 Tortious Interference cases in Texas
      not yet disclosed).
      Take San Antonio, for
      instance...they've defaulted on payments to sellers there and other
      markets and, they suffer continuous surcharges for
      improper waste handling.

      They just do not
      understand the concept of compliance. Their service people
      only know "pump and go" tactics and their plants
      suffer antiquated, costly and inefficient processing

      With other unreported liabilities (known and
      contingent) far exceeding their reported assets, they are
      overvalued at 7. When the Y2K's real numbers start to hit,
      this stock will be seen closer to $3-$4 with super low
      PEs. I say sell short and make a bundle more through
      all the volatility yet to happen.

      • 4 Replies to sewerclnr
      • Before anyone tries to make a construstive
        contribution to this message board, they should know what they
        are talking about. For the past four months,
        different goons have been appearing on this board bashing
        the stock, the company, and the management. Yeah, USL
        is in a rather high-risk business and their recent
        history is less than glorious. They are expanding their
        business faster than Rosie O'Donell's waist line and
        sometimes they have a hard time integrating all of their
        new business's into the company structure.

        attack the management of USL, however, may be
        shortsighted. Should we assume the Individual Investor article
        about Michael Lawlor being one of the US's top 5
        undiscovered CEO's in 1999 was just a grand scheme to cover up
        the company's shortcomings? This same management team
        took their last company's stock from the teens to the
        80's before they were bought out. Waste companies do
        not rise like that on mere "pump and go" tactics. (It
        is not like they are trying to sell waste on the
        internet.) To succeed in the waste business you have to have
        a wide range of diversified services to offer. When
        one business declines, the others can bring it up.
        Oil field and hazardous waste are contributing less
        and less to their bottom line. Many of their more
        recent aquisitions are non-hazardous "cash cows". Yes,
        Sewerclnr, they do understand the concept of compliance. The
        Detroit plant will open soon and the cases in Texas you
        mention have revealed no major infractions. They are also
        moving into processing other waste streams that will
        require less regualtion.

        Insiders in this company
        have recently bought approximately $600,000 worth of
        stock. This after a history of insider sells. Maybe at
        $22 - $25 this stock was trading at a range leaving
        little margin for error. At $7, however, this stock is
        greatly undervalued. That Detroit plant contributed to
        less than 10% of their business, yet the stock is off
        60%. To imply this is a $3 - $4 stock shows a
        misunderstanding of the entire business. Yes, the stock price will
        be volitile, but any good news will pop this stock

      • I did an environmental audit of one of thier
        plants. Everything was current and in effect. I checked
        all the licenses, permits and required procedures I
        expected them to have. Everthing I asked for was easily
        accessed and current.

        The plant was clean. They had
        the safety equipment I expected to see. They were
        able to answer all my questions.

        Fines and
        lawsuits can be expected by anyone who has or handles
        large amounts of waste. The question is why? Is it a
        serious problem or someone in an agency thought a box on
        a form should have been checked-off. Check other
        companies and you will see items like fines imposed that
        were dropped and a "letter of warning" issued. Why
        wasn't the fine collected if it was a true or serious

        An antiquated plant does not necessarily mean bad
        nor unprofitable. I was favorably impressed by my

      • I do not doubt what you have posted and it is
        good information, thank you. However, I would very
        much appreciate greater detail in your posted message.
        I am currently looking to invest heavily in this
        company and I would appreciate more information. My
        understanding was this company had several Non-Hazardous
        Oilfield Waste facilities in Texas and Louisiana and,
        given the current state of the Oil Patch, I thought
        this would be a good time to buy. Your response would
        be appreciated.

      • Good info, keep up the flow. Anyone else out
        there know of "dogs" they bought in your market? They
        bought a moneypit in my market and have yet to increase
        pricing. Most waste customers are unaware of the change in

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