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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob Dec 24, 2009 2:19 PM Flag


    Good day All,

    To begin, I think that we all should be grateful for this wonderful opportunity to express our views here, and should let Yahoo know our feelings.

    Opportunities and forums like the one Yahoo provides for us here, are not all that common throughout our troubled world. So be thankful that you enjoy the freedom that so many around the globe only dream about...

    I just wanted to dig up this old, dessicated subject/corpse to reiterate and drive home a point that seems to have missed its mark with the original poster, gcock10.

    Case in point? Research In Motion, "RIMM"

    RIMM experienced a nasty outage back on March 13th, just as the stock was coming out of a base; RIMM was trading at $40 an change. On that day, the stock actually traded BELOW its average daily volume. This was not an isolated outage! It was across the nation and into Canada.

    You must ask yourself, "...why wouldn't investors bail on RIMM, when the outage [they were responsible for] almost blanketed the North American continent?"

    You can look this information up for yourself to verify my words, if you like. It's the only way you learn the truth of the looking at the facts. In this way, you are not swayed by anyone attempting to impart inaccurate and slanted stories as fact.

    Fast-forward two short weeks to April 1st. The close on that day was $45 and change. On April 2nd, RIMM gaped up right out of the gate and closed up $3.47 on over 200% INCREASE in volume, which was over 46 MILLION shares.

    The following day, it gaped UP AGAIN, this time 20% right from the opening bell! RIMM closed at $59.00 a share, up $10 a share on over 76 MILLION shares. All of this occurred IN SPITE of the outage, just two short weeks prior.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention this ONE little fact. RIMM vaulted to a high of $86, before it began to consolidate its gains on June 11th, almost THREE MONTHS to the day after the outage. In case your arithmetic is as haphazard as your information, that's a 100% price increase in just THREE short months...

    So, gcock10, I pose a question to you. One which you will, no doubt, find an excuse not to respond to...

    If, to use your subject header, "CUSTOMERS BAILING BECAUSE OF CRASHES"
    did not occur during the RIMM outage, what "fact[s]" at your command make you so certain that clients will bail on RAX during an outage?

    Please! Fill this board with your genius...

    Just as I surmised...nothing but silence.

    What's my point?

    If you took the time to read my other post, regarding the recently minor and contained "outage" that RAX's clients experienced, you would not have withheld your ludicrous assertion in the first place.

    You and those of your ilk, will always underestimate the resolve and the reassuring "fanatical" support that RAX technicians surrounds their client's data bases with.

    You also underestimate the acknowledgment and the confidence that RAX clients have in RAX itself. This is what makes Rackspace Hosting Inc work so bloody well! It is a symbiotic relationship that RAX has with it clients. There is no place where RAX begins and their employee base ends.

    Its like a circle within a spiral...a wheel within a wheel.

    The more diligent the RAX staff, management and technicians become, the more clients they draw into their client base.

    It would serve you well, gcock10, to augment what little knowledge you appear to have about the industry of "cloud computing" with some elementary reading literature.

    I again urge you to call for your FREE copy of Rackspace Hostings Annual Report, for starters.

    It just might help prevent you from making another asinine statement, as well as boosting what credibility you may hope to build on this board...

    Happy Christmas to us all!


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      I on the other hand, know more about Stock psychology.
      Check out what insiders have been doing since I posted on the 21st of December.
      They are dumping like hell.
      Well, seems like they agreed more with me than with you

      • 3 Replies to gcock10
      • I posted gcock10's fall down laughing post: "YOU SEEM TO KNOW TOO MUCH TECHNICAL BS.
        I on the other hand, know more about Stock psychology" on a board in Zurich where family members work and prosper..Swiss German is a very interesting language and to hear them, see them on Skype laughing over gcock's inane self serving pontification made Monday worthwhile!! My God, you can't make that up..and in public no less!!!

        I on the other hand, know more about Stock psychology." That would be fall down funny if you weren't serious..and that's pathetic! You really think ANYONE is going to put Your Gut Feeling over this, obviously over your head, technical approach?! You're only embarrassing yourself....Big Time! This is one for the funnies!

      • And you amigo, don't know your a** from a hot rock about what makes a stock worthy of accumulation.

        Did you know that in the past THREE MONTHS, 14 more INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS ponied UP $70,000,000.00 to buy RAX stock? Were you aware that RAX was up almost 11% on TRIPLE daily volume on Monday?

        How's that for "stock psychology"?

        Every time you open your mouth about RAX, the stock goes up.

        Keep up the great work...


    • DMAN! MAN.
      Sorry if I rattled your genius mind to a point of cerebral effusive tension, but I am yet to see RAX gain a point since I posted my initial peice.
      Instead, CONTRARY to your RIMM experience, we have seen RAX fallen, and STILL stays FALLEN since.
      Yes, RAX has potentials, which i did not deny, but you do not build business by frequently reminding your customers that you are having problems keeping their business funtioning as they count on you.
      Like I said earlier, if RAX dropped, I might buy it because teher are two possibilities in play here
      1) Rax is having rapid grpwth and suffering from GROWING PAINS
      2)Rax is INCOMPETENT in managing it's daily activities and keeping clients' businesses working.
      Read publications on major media, some of which are clients affected by the outages, and you will appreciate their concern
      I even chated with a Rep from Rax and he had absolutely no answer for me, which made me doubt their confidence in their ability to deliver their promises.
      Good luck with RAX, but in case it falls below $19, buy some more and HOPE they do better.
      Peace! happy new year

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