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  • john_mrks john_mrks Jan 1, 2013 12:40 PM Flag


    I hope your New Year is as healthy and profitable as the year just past. So pretty ding-dang good! Johnny / San Antonio

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    • Good to hear from you John. I lost my yahoo password for quite a while and have not been posting. I had to find it today to wish you well (Happy New Year), and agree with you about Rackspace. I have had RAX since the beginning and it has a been such a positive life changer. Just wish I had not sold some back in the $10s,$20s etc. Even regret selling some in the $50s earlier in the 2012. Still you are suppose to take some profit like some of the officers do from time to time to diversify right? Good, if not great things are still to come as the cloud continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

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      • Luap..Reminds me a little of the last local growth stock we enjoyed. I was with Clear Channel from 4/4/74 to '98. We could purchase unlimited shares of the IPO @$10. I begged, borrowed..didn't steal.. and bought 1,000 shares aside from the 401k which I kept all in company stock (not wise as a rule!). It was my first experience with investing and Lowry told me to put everything into CCU, so I did! With splits, the stock traded at $88 counting splits when I left. I sense the same with RAX. Nothing wrong with what you did regarding the sale of stocks..we all did the same thing! Not to sound like an old uncle, enjoy some profit taking from time to time, but keep 75% in a "box" and forget about it...but always get a daily update. It's great to hear from you! Take care of your health first..without that, no amount of money is worth a plug nickle! Take Care, My Friend..Johnny/San Antonio

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      • What's the barrier to entry to set up a similar shop to RAX? What if DELL HPQ IBM ORCL CSCO attempt to mimic? Will companies sit back and watch the sector trade at 9x sales??

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