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  • geojumbojawnt geojumbojawnt May 8, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Can these guys do it??

    Do you guys think the Sionix team will be able to make this work? Are the DAF patents that valuable and have the other big players like Haliburton or Siemens already lined up most of the near term contracts? I am skeptical that these guys have a product and more importantly the capital to build the varying types of units. I see DAF as a well suited technology but environmentalists seem more focused on removing fracking chemicals and insolubles rather than DAF's primary purpose of removing organic residues. I know they can add flocculants and treat almost any type of water source but I just wonder how challenging it is to customize the units. I find it interesting that they might be able to recover economically important salts, and I wish they would move away from syrup and maybe into lithium or boron brines. Either way they are just now turning their full attention to oil and gas which should hopefully lead to some sales. But how likely is it that these guys will go bankrupt? Please be honest. Thanks everyone!

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