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  • geojumbojawnt geojumbojawnt May 17, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    UNBELIEVABLE! (What do you all think?)

    Wow, to me the revised BLM fracking regulations released today caters to industry and not responsible water management. Most of the revision I think emphasized casing integrity which is ridiculous in the long term. The obvious threat in my opinion is linked to the unknown and variable hydrologic/geologic basins and the longer hydrologic cycle which will become evident in 5-10-20 yrs. But gosh, the more I read about fraccing the more I worry about a time when the hydraulic fractures form extensive interconnecting networks and especially when the formations swell with frac fluid. Oh gee golly I hope those geologists/engineers can model the changes in hydrostatic pressure at great depth, but I'm sure they can since they are only drilling a couple km down. Are you kidding me, do you really think we have well documented 3D siesmic interpretations and comparative ground water testing to map out the hydrology. Don't get me wrong, the petroleum is highly skilled and the USA created the technology, but humans tend to underestimate long term impacts. And even ecosphere technologies drops 5%. WHAT ABOUT THE CLEAN WATER ACT? I don't know, what do you guys think?

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    • And one more thing...This is why we need to eliminate politicians/judges with weak backgrounds in the hard sciences. This excerpt was taken from Wikipedia and the Clean Water Act, where the definition of water.....

      (In the 2006 case Rapanos v. United States, a plurality of the Supreme Court held that the term "waters of the United States":...includes only those relatively permanent, standing or continuously flowing bodies of water "forming geographic features" that are described in ordinary parlance as "streams[,] ... oceans, rivers, [and] lakes.")

      So why are aquifers excluded?

      Further more, the Safe Drinking Water Act which was established in 1974 had the EPA regulating injection wells to protect underground sources of drinking water. BUT it just so happens that congress amended the act in 2005 to exclude hydraulic fracturing (AKA the Halliburton Loophole).

      Okay sorry, fracking is kinda scary sometimes, especially if we continue large scale development. I just think we don't know what the risks are yet. I can seriously imagine a brief spike in cancer rates like we've never seen before. That certainly is an end of the world mindset but we really shouldn't pollute the stuff that we consume 24/7. I hope I'm wrong but we I feel like we are cutting corners without the EPA study yet to be published in jan 2014. Peace to all, have a good weekend, lets get blasted!

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      • Geo, we Sionix graybeards appreciate your enthusiasm but we're too tired for hope.

        That being stated, for the first time in my 9 years of Sionix, there are some positive signs.

        Feb 11 Sionix S-1 states:

        The Marcellus Shale – We have an understanding with REVH2O which is currently engaged in permitting activities in Pennsylvania, to provide a demonstration MWTS for purposes of testing, demonstration, and documentation. REVH2O is affiliated with Mr. Kenneth Calligar, one of our directors and interim Chief Executive Officer. To the extent this MWTS achieves acceptable testing results that have been developed in cooperation with regulatory, scientific and engineering consultants, we believe that a definitive purchase order will be placed for the existing MWTS and at least two more MWTS products for installation at a REVH2O fluids treatment site or sites that will be permitted and developed during 2013.

        Endeavor News of PA reported on Feb 16:

        Water treatment facility gets green light
        Ulysses Twp. development could be operational by summer

        Construction of a $3.7 million wastewater treatment facility in Ulysses Township could begin soon.

        Township supervisors Wednesday night gave conditional, preliminary approval to the facility being proposed by REVH20 of Pittsford, N.Y.

        Engineer Tom McElhaney, hired to help Ulysses Twp. supervisors scrutinize plans for the development of a wastewater treatment facility, said REVH2O’s project plans were ‘excellent.’

        This is 75% going to happen. My homework should indicate higher but this is Sionix we're talking about. Crown Maple syrup is 80% going to happen. I think Sionix is sitting on news to announce big for new management. But, honestly, I'm "assuming." And I've been great at that with Sionix.

        So we've seen the hope before for years. Until there are sales, that's all it is.

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