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  • one_from_the_vault one_from_the_vault Jul 10, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Headwaters LLC

    FYI...looks like the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection finally passed one of the two permits for Headwaters LLC (Ulysses township/Potter county) project on 7-2-2013. Let's see if the REVH2O (Sionix) can make it happen.

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    • map of the plant at g o o
      .gl then add / KL2ydK
      this thread has been silent for a while. Do you know who are these people trading around 2c?

    • what is the expected volume to be treated?
      now is time to put some numbers

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      • Officials confident in facility’s safety measures
        State, county and industry officials all express confi- dence in the environmental protection measures that will be put in place at the Headwaters Reclamation Project near Ulysses.
        Some citizens have expressed concern about potential degradation of the Allegheny River headwaters once a massive water treatment plant is built on a 34-acre tract off Rt. 49, just south of Ulysses Borough. Plan calls for a 10.5-acre, “zero-discharge” water recycling facility to serve companies providing water for deep natural gas well drilling across a wide area.

        The plant will run ‘round the clock and treat a maximum of 420,000 gallons per day. Major components include a 1.1 million gallon brine tank and a 1.16 million gallon treated water tank.

        Contaminated hydraulic fracturing waste water will be trucked to the treatment facility and the recycled water will be resold for additional use in gas wells.

        Operator is RevH2O, LLC. Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) approval is on hold, pending bond submission.

    • Vault, that's a great find and a huge first step if they're only one permit away from getting started on Ulysses. Based on my research, I'm pretty sure REVH20 is using Sionix technology. Where did you find the EPA approval?

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      • Yahoo will not let me post a link but if you google:
        Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
        select "Permits, Licensing & Certifications" on the left side
        scroll to the bottom in the "Submission and Tracking Permits" section they provide a link to their "eFACTS" system.
        Select "Client Search" and use Client ID 297023

        you will get some permit info for Headwaters Water Reclamation LLC

        From previous articles on this project for RevH2O, the plan was to get it built this summer. let's hope with he permits approved, this can happen!

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