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  • profitzone profitzone Jul 28, 2014 12:56 PM Flag

    DRIO Up 10% Last Two Days

    In today's press release, "LabStyle said it plans to market Dario in six additional territories by the end of 2014." Remember, 1,100 users is $1 million dollars of revenue. How many users can benefit from using Dario worldwide? Millions.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "Remember..."???...yeah, remember even a dead cat'll bounce if it falls far enough!..."up 10% last two days"???...yeah, after being down FIFTY PER CENT the last two months!...

      ...hey, maybe you'd know!...I keep trying to find out why dario has a measly one year warranty when Bayer's Contour has a LIFETIME warranty...any ideas?...I mean, I thought it was probably because a a mega-billion dollar company like Bayer can afford to toss out some perks to attract customers while poor LITTLE near broke DRIO probably has enough to worry about making the rent on its industrial park headquarters, much less fulfilling warranty guarantees...

      ...funny thing is that I posted on dario's facebook asking about the cheesy one year warranty and they sent me a message saying they'd look into it...but guess what -- they deleted my question!...a bunch of other people had posted questions which were answered right there on the facebook page, but MINE got deleted!...I wonder how many other embarrassing questions and/or comments may have gotten deleted as well...

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