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  • rr75_85 rr75_85 Apr 25, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    To the only other poster on this board

    Isn't it amazing how a 6 billion dollar company, father of NFR, substantial promise in LED, whose revenues and earnings consistently beat estimates, with a peg of 0.35 and a forward PE of 7, is a virtual unknown? I like to banter on these boards. Surprised nobody wants to talk about NXP. Imagine the stock price if retail found out about NXP. There is a lot to show off. Every time I get in my car I am using an NXP enabled device. In a couple years my home lighting will use an NXP chip, controlled by my cell phone. Lots of cools things are going to drive NXP forward.

    I'm surprised nobody is really telling the story. Kind of makes me think that some want to keep this to themselves at this price. Cynical perhaps, but shocking considering the only analyst change was a target price being lowered from 36 to 33?

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    • rr75_85 I've been on board for months, but mostly lurk now. In terms of posting, between the spam and lack of news in between earnings reports there isn't anything to say that hasn't been said already.

      One thing I noticed in the recent presentation that I hadn't noticed before was the listing of medical applications in NXP's portfolio. I haven't seen (or noticed?) much related to this segment before. An NFC device would allow for secure tuning of pacemakers, internal machinery etc. Current solutions have been proved hackable/spoofable in proof of concept tests (imagine someone remotely hacking a pacemaker ). See also slides 13, 14, and 27 of the Q1 2013 investors presentation.

      The other segment that I am extremely bullish on is telematics, Car-to-Car, Car-to-Infrastructure, and Car-to-X technology. I believe NXP has a real opportunity here to provide value and I hope they seize it. See also mentions on slides 9, 11, 12, 27 of the Q1 2013 presentation.

      I attribute the intraday drop on an earnings day (with super high volume) with good earnings to the hacked twitter account of associated press. It came out that algorithms were reading the news and automatically making trades on it. Sounds crazy, but its true (imo), as well as instumental in showing everyone the breadth with which some such event could occur. i.e. In a "long tail" event you risk at minimum a 2-4% loss within seconds of the event occurring.

      Some might be tempted to protect themselve using stop-loss orders, but imo that's what the algos are *expecting.* They can take a stock price through a roller coaster in order to pick up cheap shares sold by the stop loss orders. Then whaddya know the price is right back where it was originally, go figure!

    • Agree with you on near field technology becoming pervasive in the future though its still a small (but growing) revenue contributor for NXPI. I believe that will change by eoy. Also, I'm so tired of Apple talk but my view is if NFC (by NXPI) is in the next or subsequent iPhone iteration that could be the impetus to propel this stock to the stratosphere. Note that the additional revenue would be relatively low but investors would view it as a breakout moment for the technology. The potential for multiple returns is high, with enough patience of course.

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