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  • mharris20022002 mharris20022002 Oct 30, 2009 11:20 AM Flag

    Unbelievable how this news is being spinned

    why would you need capital with a "multi billion contract"(as the pumpers always say tommorrow) on the way.
    This proves to me even more there will be no contract, and siga has zero confidence in getting"yhe contract"...thus the 100m filing......huge dilution on the way here in my opinion...

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    • Cool, you can set up alerts using google (top part of screen and select MORE and then EVEN MORE for the alerts option. You can get alerts on ST-246, FDA Approval, SIGA Technologies etc,). Google offers a translation feature separately on the screen where you can cut and paste text, pretty amazing. This is how it translated the Chinese alert. Thanks Dan!

      SIGA Technologies for 100 million US dollars issued securities
      凤凰网- China
      Disclaimer: This article represent the authors personal point of view, has nothing to do with the凤凰网. Its originality, as well as paper presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed that the right of which all or part of this article, as well as the content, text authenticity, integrity, timeliness site ...

    • easttennesseehillbilly easttennesseehillbilly Oct 30, 2009 11:53 AM Flag

      M Harris, you obviously are a paid hack or a short or just ignorant. Anyone that is knowledgeable and is invested in stocks knows that a shelf offering is standard practice in today's business environment. Several years ago when credit was readily available and interest rates low, a shelf offering was a cause for concern. Fast forward to today's market and shelf offerings are the smart way to raise capital without incurring debt and by way of a shelf offering it is truly on the shelf and is taken off and used only when there is a need for capital and not until. It is similar to having a pre-established line of credit only there is no indebtedness and thus no interest expense.

      Even defensive stocks like electrical utilities are using shelf offerings extensively these days versus borrowing the money due to the credit environment. I can name you any number of utilities that used shelf offerings this past quarter to raise capital versus borrowing. Was there dilution? Several years back there was dilution because shelf offerings were viewed as dilution but in today's market the markets have accepted shelf offerings as the preferred way to raise capital due to the credit environment and also because of the strings that come with borrowing such as having to maintain a specified PPS.

      I have monitored your posts on this board in the past and I would say you are a paid hack or a short but not ignorant. You know full well what you are doing and that is to try and lower the PPS. Your posts don't work with this investor and hopefully not with any of the other board members.

      Have a really nice day!


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      • also i believe strongly there are a lot of pumpers paid here to keep people in here even with this news....which is not good simple as that.
        A shelf implies no confidence in a large contract imminent from the cash is desperately needed and is the markets move down this is the last chance to raise capital to keep siga alive.
        We will see who is correct as time moves on , and still no contract...pumpers keep pumping..pps lower and dilution

      • okay lets see who is right...i say company is not confident of a contract... so they file a 100million shelf....i believe pps will move down to $3 shortly at which time you and your fellow pumpers will say its a huge buying opportunity and also you will mention the fact that you dont care as you bought siga at $2,,,(s if that helps your fellow longs who bought at 8)...very cynical,,ut it will happen.
        Alway s does what this type of "the contract pump".
        lets see now who is right

    • The word is "spun".

      The logic would be more like:
      There are obviously NO buyers of quantity WITHOUT the contract, as per where we are now, so what benefit would issuing more shares produce with no buyers?

      So your calculation that they will, still without buyers, issue $100M worth of shares that would have no effect but dilution and sinking the price even more, because who will the buyers be WITHOUT the contract? Moving the price into the $6s has not brought forth buyers or sellers in any number.

      No I believe the other argument, that this is financial backup to the contract anticipating a signing and higher share price. Because remember this:

      The contract pays for what the GOV WANTS and then some, but what finances ongoing production of all the follow-on orders. Not the funds they have now to stay afloat, or the research funding. That they might need production and growth funding soon above and beyond what the BARDA contract will provide makes sense to me and that this is what the shelf offering is about.

      Your gloom and doom scenario don't hold water.IMO

    • You are incorrect with your opinion. How do I know? Well I just know.

    • Yawn!!!

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      • contract imminent and they do a 100m shelf offering....come in..even the biggest pumpers here know that is very iffy.
        Imo siga management not confident of any contract,thus the filing as they are running out of cash...same old biotect story here folks.
        "the contract" was your carrot....
        ....will never come and the pumpers will keep saying tommorrow...while management dilute this to the ground...
        So contract and a 100million shelf offering...huge dillution to come in the line of most biotechs who survive on share sales as opposed to real far i am correct

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