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  • mharris20022002 mharris20022002 Nov 2, 2009 6:34 AM Flag

    The shelf offering was put out because

    siga needs money badly.
    They know the market will probably go down from here, so they are in a hurry to raise money at these prices..$5-6.
    This shelf has nothing got to do with any "contract"
    The company needs finance and they want to do offering asap before whole market tanks.
    You are being kept in by paid pumpers and fake longs here on this board..its as simple as that.
    They only want you to believe the "contract will come tommorrow" while siga pumps out more shares into the market.
    Be very carefull here....anty message that tells the tryth is being hidden by the little fake longs 1 star tactics.
    Again be very carefull here

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    • M, you and I talked about how you were so depressed having to write all these negative stories. You must quit. Face it the only way to improve your life is to stop working as a paid basher.

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      • also i post negative messages because i am negative on siga...the opposite to you.
        We will see who is the little man soon

      • paid basher because i believe pps will fall.....come on that a tired old tactic that is long worn out.
        I am short this stock because i believe pps will fall .
        You and your pumping buddies want to keep people in this thing while siga unleash shares into the market...the only official pr lately has been a 100million shelf....why? compamy needs money badly and needs to put in offering before the pps tanks down with general market.
        I belive siga will be at $2-3 before end of year.
        And i shorted accordinly.
        Maybe you should call compant and sk about the so called "contract".
        I believe there will be no contract,,,thats why i shorted...i believe pps goes down ....where is the mystery little man

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