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  • chasinpennies chasinpennies Jun 14, 2011 12:35 AM Flag

    OK - Congressional Hearing

    This is a side show.

    However, now I'm curious... since we are "investigating"

    You know what... contanct Congressman Issa and anyone that has members in their state, contact them as well.

    As I was saying, since we're investigating, I want to know if members of Chimerix are shorting SIGA stock.... MANIPULATING the stock market. I'm just curious.

    Since they have about as much evidence against Siga to waste tax dollars on a hearing, I'd like them to ask for some financial records of Chimerix as well... because here's the deal. CMX 001 doesn't work... so WTF? These protests are out of control. They can't possibly be seriously in love with this drug... so why? why? why? When people pursue things as passionately as CMX, it's usually about love or money. Since I don't think it's love, I'm guessing it's money... and they have the perfect cover in "fighting" for CMX 001. Like I said, I'd love to know if they are profiting/trading the short side of SIGA... I don't think they represent a majority of short selling but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Chimerix executives were trading SIGA. Can't think of much better inside information... AND, short sales don't need to be reported.

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    • You beat me to a lot of these comments and probably said it better! Thanks!

    • This is what brings me to my point. Why is this company protesting and protesting? If they were competitive or had a viable product, I would absolutely understand. But, given a smallpox outbreak, CMX-001 better not show up in my mailbox…. Not without some new formulation that actually demonstrates effectiveness in the lab.
      So, this brings me to my final point. Certainly, Chimerix company officers know the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of their anti-viral. How do they benefit from continued protests? BARDA has given them development money. They’ve accepted. Why protest? It seems irrational.
      I’ve thought about reasons. One possibility is that Chimerix would just like everyone to ignore the fact that their monkeys are dead. However, that does not seem reasonable to me. So, I thought of personal financial gain. How would Chimerix company officers accomplish that? They happen to have a material impact on the stock price of a publically traded company. They can use their platform as a distant competitor to protest and file complaints. How could they profit? They could be shorting SIGA stock right before they protest. Short sellers do not have to report themselves.
      As the investigation continues, I am curious. Are Chimerix executives profiting off of their antics? Otherwise, why are they doing what they’re doing? If their drug were fully developed, why are they accepting development money?
      Anyway, thank you for your time. I am thankful that no smallpox outbreaks have occurred as we continued to be unprepared for one of the nation’s top bio-terror threats. As a former Emergency Management Officer (with a couple of chicken pox scares), it is truly one of the more devastating scenarios… even more than an isolated dirty bomb.
      I don’t know many people that know much more about SIGA and I’ve been watching these shenanigans play out for a long time. It has been an extremely disappointing process.
      It would be great if you could take a hard look at the company protesting while you are investigating Perelmen and Sterns. Just remember that Dr. Hruby and ST-246 are the real deal and an asset to the American people.
      Thank you for your time.

    • Congressman,
      My question/concern is about SIGA Technologies. My interest in SIGA started when I served in the military as a Navy Pilot (out of Point Mugu, California) and was given the extremely archaic smallpox vaccine (a live virus) in very close quarters with many other people (about 5000) on a Navy Aircraft Carrier. I started looking around for smallpox threats, vaccines and antiviral medications only to learn that the only protection available is what I was given... which, truth be told, is not much more advanced than generation one vaccines.
      That's how I found Siga Technologies. From the early days, I thought their science and delivery systems were good. As a result, I invested in the company. But, make no mistake, this email is not about money. It's just the reason that I know so much about Siga Technologies and the perpetual protests of Chimerix.
      Despite my distaste for Andy Stern, Chicago Politics and many other very corrupt things that happen in this country every day, Siga Technologies has the only antiviral that meets the need of a stated top bio-terror threat in this country: smallpox. We both know that a terrorist able to obtain or manufacture this virus would pose a great threat. In 2011, manufacturing smallpox synthetically is a very real possibility. It would be devastating. These extremists are willing to die. They would simply have to infect themselves, wait 10-14 days and start flying airport to airport... city to city. Without a viable anti-viral, the situation would be a nightmare.
      My family is not vaccinated.
      So, while there is investigation in progress, let’s look at everything. This RFP went out in February of 2009. It was scheduled for completion in September of 2009. It is June of 2011.
      The only company even remotely in competition for this contract is Chimerix. Look, I’m no scientist but I can read. The monkeys that were given lethal doses of monkey pox and protected with CMX 001 died. CMX 001 failed to protect. In the lab environment, that’s as close as we’re going to get to understanding whether or not a smallpox antiviral is going to work.
      So, as a consumer, in the unthinkable scenario of a smallpox outbreak, if I had to give my family an antiviral drug, it better not be CMX-001. Interestingly enough, I find it ironic that Chimerix accepted a 25 Million dollar grant to CONTINUE DEVELOPMENT of their antiviral drug in February of 2011.
      Now, let’s turn to SIGA’s antiviral. Their monkeys survived. In safety trials, toxicity levels are safe. All statistics point to an effective and safe antiviral against smallpox.

    • CNBC aired a quick blurb about this issue on June 13 approx 3:55 EDT. I just want you to see my note to Congressman Issa. I am tired of watching the corruption in Congress, in Corp. America, on Wall Street...

      I've been following SIGA for a long time... 8 years. They have a product that has demonstrated extremely positive results as an effective antiviral against smallpox. The protesting company.... the company that likely stirred up this Congressional inquiry.... well, simply put, their monkeys are dead. Their lead candidate CMX-001 didn't protect the monkeys from monkey pox. I sure wouldn't want it protecting my family from smallpox.

      So look, I don't know what shady deals Perelmen has done with Andy Stern, etc, etc.. and, trust me, I complained when he joined the board. My complaint was... besides political connections, what value does he have to SIGA? However, the fact still remains that SIGA has a very effective antiviral drug against smallpox. Have you considered that smallpox can be manufactured with a knowledgeable scientist and a small lab? Scary.

      So, please... take a look at the whole story. This "contract" was supposed to be completed in Sep of 2009... a nice benefit to the American people... that, yes, even with a smallpox outbreak, we have a solution and can continue commerce, transportation and our way of life. Without an antiviral, it gets very scary.

      Chimerix (out of North Carolina) is the primary fly in the oinment. They have successfully been protesting for YEARS. Again, their monkeys DIED. I do not want CMX-001 in the national stockpile. Do you?

      So, here's my letter to Congressman Issa:

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