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  • hosaquavas hosaquavas Oct 26, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    ST246 Milligrams

    Did Rose say that the 600 milligrams would be approved by the FDA in the late 3rd or early 4th Qtr? Also if Albermarle completed the compound per their conference call recently and stated that no orders for the next qtr from SIGA -does that mean that they are producing the 600 MG without FDA approval? Also, any thoughts on how the Romney administration may handle this any future contracts if he is elected.

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    • The ST-246 produced by Albemarle for SIGA is for the Strategic National Stockpile. Prior FDA approval is not required for the SNS but will be completed subsequently.

    • The Romney administration will cut waste by only having ST-246 on hand for the essential 1 percent of the population and their most relied on servants. 1% of 314,642,000 is 3,146,420 courses to have on hand plus an additional 31,464,200 courses for servants (which they will only be able to obtain from their employers) which comes out to 34,610,620 courses needed to keep the important people of this great nation safe and comfortable. The rest of the freeloaders wasting space in this country get nothing. They will not have to pay SIGA for these courses of ST-246 because congressman Issa will confiscate them as evidence of foul play on the part of Hruby and Rose for their outlandish claims and overzealous PR regarding ST-246 and the rest of the SIGA pipeline.....

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      • Romney was for ST-246 before he was against ST-246, but I'm hearing he's for it again, but that could have been misinterpreted.

        And while it's true that Romney has a strong penchant for that 1%, he can easily stomach atleast 53% of all Americans. He would like nothing else than to keep them around so that he can eventually leverage their employers with debt, liquidate as much as possible, while escaping with a 'golden parachute'. Unfortunately this may leave some of the 53% in the 47% category, at which point he will continue to give 2 'butt-loads' about them.