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  • drod4ball drod4ball Feb 20, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    This board is LoOnEy!

    You've got these guys that, for YEARS, have argued and defended the wrong side...yet they refuse to acknowledge their point of view was incorrect. So, every time the stock runs a bit, they all cheer and applaud, thinking it will continue, only to be disapppointed again. These were the SAME folks that were screaming this stock would be in the 20's they've been reduced to getting excited about a run from 3 to 4, and then it only holding 4 for less than a day. I've really never seen a more pathetic group of people in my life. If you post something with the opposing viewpoint, they flag you, thumbs down you, jump all over you like a pack of wild wolves....yet, it never matter because they're still wrong. If this is a good sample of the average American today, it is no wonder the country has taken a sever slide.

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    • Drod, 4 is the new 3. I am holding a core and now trading around the 4. The worst mistake I made with pre- contract Siga was holding tight and not trading the ups and downs. Playing the swings can buy you "free" shares. If finally one thing goes right for this company like Parsons ripoff being knocked out, this thing is going to end up higher than it ever was with FDA approval and foreign sales with or without Chimerix getting a piece of the cake. This will be great swing trader on the way up. Of course there is that one little detail about the parasite known as Pip, but if that gets flicked off, this baby is going up, swinging all the way. Can you imagine what would happen if they got some agressive management?

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      • You're the swings is nice, and I have sold some and bought some intermittantly, but I am
        MOSTLY in the red! It's killing me. Especially when people thing 3 to 4 is a worthy run. Right, a lot of things can happen to catapult this sucker....but until ONE thing goes right, I will REMAIN skeptical. Lots of things COULD happen, but, like you stated, the management team isn't aggressive enough. They are soft and reactive instead of being proactive and forward looking. It's pathetic that they likely JUST started shipping. They should be SO MUCH further by now. I've got much more accountibility for MY job, which is quite low level compared to these guys. NOT ONE management person has been held responsible for the failures... to me, that reeks of a tight inside circle, and that is usually never good.

    • Yawn!!!

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