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  • one2manysecrets one2manysecrets Feb 27, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    We miss you Drod

    and all your words of wisdom...

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    • Speak for yourself. That guy was ridiculing those not selling in the 2's.

    •, we go from the TEENS to over $4 for ONE day, then back to $3.50, and haven't even fully gained that run back, and you're on here calling me out?!? What an odd ball you are. Look, I said it a MILLION times, I am long, I hope this stock goes to $100, TRUST ME. I just think it's friggin hysterical that people start cheering a small run that will never hold, as if we are back to our old SP. And, our stock is still in the toilette because of the management in place. EVEN if the case is 100% reversed, do you think we'll go back to $10+? Wanna place a bet? Not until big changes and progress are made. I think the problem is that you're a narcissist and take issue when someone appears more knowledgeable than you. Sad for you, that's a terrible place to be in, you could actually learn something once and a while.

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      • know Drod there are other stocks. Just say'n

      • Wow...I never would have thought that I'd be giving you a thumbs up....but you are correct, it doesn't appear that anyone in management cares a smidgen about their investor, zip. However, where I still am an you, anyway, to think that management is intentionally keeping it suppressed for some reason. I should have bailed when they bailed. They gave me plenty of warning when they sold in the teens. My only guess is that they have taken this stance because the gov't wants it this way (BARDA, etc), and they want to show a worthless stock to the courts who are deciding what amount to award PIP. SIGA has soooo many enemies! As soon as anything goes right for this stock somebody calls foul. So, for 8 years now I've watched the pps being played....and nothing more. So, I do agree with you, Drod, but I've got to cut SIGA some slack for not showing their cards right now. What I do want management to do is start promoting their other product line.

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