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    Revenue Recognition
    Revenue is recognized when persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, delivery has occurred, the fee is fixed and determinable, collectability is reasonably assured, title and risk of loss have been transferred to the customer and there are no further contractual obligations.

    Certain arrangements may provide for multiple deliverables, in which there may be a combination of: up-front licenses; research, development, regulatory or other services; and delivery of product. Multiple deliverable arrangements can be divided into separate units of accounting if the deliverables in the arrangement meet the following criteria: (i) the delivered item(s) have value to the customer on a standalone basis and (ii) in circumstances in which an arrangement includes a general right of return with respect to delivered items, then performance of the remaining deliverables must be considered probable and substantially in control of the Company. If multiple deliverables cannot be divided into separate units of accounting then the deliverables must be combined into a single unit of accounting.

    Total consideration in a multiple deliverable arrangement is allocated to units of accounting on a relative fair value of selling price basis. Consideration allocated to a delivered item or unit of accounting is limited to the amount that is not contingent upon delivery of additional items.

    The BARDA Contract is a multiple deliverable arrangement comprising delivery of courses and covered research and development activities. The BARDA Contract provides certain product replacement rights with respect to delivered courses. For this reason, recognition of revenue that might otherwise occur upon delivery of courses is expected to be deferred until our obligations related to potential replacement of delivered courses are satisfied. Furthermore, payment for delivered courses and reimbursement of amounts we spend on covered research services is not contractually due to commence until after we have

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    delivered the first 500,000 courses. Accordingly we have deferred revenue for all amounts received to date. Once we have delivered the first 500,000 courses, we expect to recognize revenue with respect to BARDA’s obligation to reimburse the cost of covered research and development services performed prior to this point.

    Subject to the above, payments for development activities are recognized as revenue is earned, over the period of effort. Funding for the acquisition of capital assets under cost-plus-fee contracts and grants is evaluated for appropriate recognition as a reduction to the cost of the acquired asset, a financing arrangement, or revenue, based on the specific terms of the related grant or contract.

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