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  • drod4ball drod4ball Mar 22, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Anyone else feel...

    the opportunity cost waiting for this stock to come back has been astronomical? Go ahead and thumbs down me, I really don't care, just shows me that no one has an intelligent rebuttal and they know that I am correct, otherwise they'd come out and say something. SOLD some more today to buy some AAPL. Made the right move.

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    • I am sorry to point this out Drod but since you keep touting how "right" you are about the movement of Siga stock, it should be noted that you are a bagholder. The only ones that were right about this stock were the ones that sold at 14-15. And the only ones that are really bright are the ones that sold at 14-15 and then bought back at 2. I agree with you about Siga not fighting back enough against the entities trying to steal slices of their pie and not touting their achievments in the pipeline, but as far as being a stock picker you are no ace. Just putting a BUYA for fun.

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      • tween, fair argument....but the difference between myself and MOST bagholders here, is I want and demand change. There are two other folks on here: Ones that are completely ignorant and still hold management in high regard and feel they're doing a great job, essentially drinking their cool aide (although they WERE the smart ones that you refer about, selling in the mid teens). The other being people like minnesotafatfarm and maybe even YOU, who live in a fantasyland of trading, where they suddenly sold at the "peak" and have taken their gains and rolled them into bigger and bigger ones. Pretty much everyone on this board, with the exception of a very few, is either completely FOS or lacking in basic comprehension ability. Please don't tell me you think Rose and this new CFO clown have done a good job for the stock price. If so, I urge you to view the 18 month and 3-year charts.

    • Yes, that's why I, and others, have recommended diversifying. Opportunity cost is REAL $$$. And, if one didn't learn anything from the PIP debacle, they should know that holding into binary events has inherent risk. You might not catch the bottom, but you won't be fileted on bad news, either.

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