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  • kageglantz kageglantz Mar 29, 2013 3:51 AM Flag

    Supreme Court closed today

    ... which means that as of Monday it will be 81 days since the oral arguments. In cases taking this long, odds get better for Reversals and partial reversals. I would bet on a good result for us sometime next week. In fact, I already have.

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    • owenscpa Mar 30, 2013 6:17 AM Flag

      And so the point is that we may be expecting a result next week and when one doesn't come the share price of both entities continues to go down.... the lower risk approach would be to have options.

      I'll go with mid April before there is a decision rendered. Only shareholders are counting days, the judges are actually working in the meantime.

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    • I still get can't the logic here. Yeah, it's taking a's a complex and complicated case. I don't know how the # of days it is taking gives us ANY better of a chance, that's just plain desperate talk. So, the chance APPROACH 50/50? Wow. Fantastic. What would you bet on with a significant amount of money that had only a 50/50 shot, at best? Obviously Rose isn't betting on it. Fact is, they could JUST as logically be taking a long time to write a very detailed affirmation of the case, to be sure they close all of the legal loops. Feeling good because it is taking so long is just an emotional conclusion and really bares no basis.

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      • WHy do you waste your time and others when you have nothing worthwhile to say? Your absence of any analysis comes through each time you post.

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      • If you listened to the Wedbush call, you would see that there IS a strong correlation between WHEN the results are disseminated. It's the same logic as a civil case......the longer the jury is out, the greater the doubt.

        Having said that...there always are outliers. And....because this is heard en banc, perhaps that is why it will take longer to rule? But based on prior results, this WOULD appear that it MAY be bullish for siga. Nevertheless, your point is NEVER really know--until the decision is actually reached.

        And as for insiders not buying....I would assume there is a blackout period when waiting for a decision as material as this to their overall business model. GLTY

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