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  • coveman2000 coveman2000 May 29, 2013 8:39 PM Flag


    I think its a sure thing that SIGA is not going to take any chances. They are going to make an offer to buy PIP. They may have to swallow their pride, but this is business and I'll be very surprised if Perelman doesn't make the move very soon.

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    • I can think of two reasons they won't. First and foremost, they don't have the money. Secondly, it would be extremely dimwitted to broadcast Siga's perceived value of Pip's interest in ST-246 (by offering to buyout Pip) right before Parsons tries to place a value on the breach of its obligation to negotiate in good faith. Tough to argue that the amount is incalculable when you just offered an exact amount for it.

      If you want to make a wager, I'll bet that no amount of Wikipedia Lawyering will net anyone any real answers (just like last time) . And, let's not forget, everyone on both sides got burned by the last ruling....even those who more or less guessed the correct outcome. The folks who tried to hedge by buying both stocks got burned the worst. Back then, many predicted a merger, buyout, or settlement would take place before the Judge completed his ruling. Most notably, a guy with the handle "Seasoned Litigator." He correctly predicted a Pip win (but claimed a settlement would take place before the verdict) and bought both Pip and Siga for the pop. Both stocks tanked on the Judges Ruling.
      They don't call the stock market "The Great Humiliator" for nothing.

    • You should change your alias to caveman2000, because it sounds like you just came out of a cave and have little clue of what's going on.

      Can't you see that they HATE each other and this legal battle will drag on and probably back to the supreme again.

    • Ok ..if so whats your guess on price? What does PIP have going for it? Anything in there pipeline? If not why over pay? If that was the case the buyout should have happened already. Market value is and was obviously less earlier in yr.??..Believe me I would welcome an end to this mess . Txs

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