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  • drod4ball drod4ball Jun 3, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Was away on vacation in Mexico...did I miss anything??

    By the look of the SP, apparently not.

    Wasn't the concensus that the stock would "shoot up" on reversal or partial reversal?

    HERE'S THE PROBLEM FOLKS: The management BLEW it, there is no interest or confidence in this
    stock any longer....and they aren't booking revenues for TWO YEARS. Get it thru your heads.

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    • Drod...Welcome back my man. Bought 7500 shares of Siga at $3.90. Feel Parsons is not going to roll over like a dead dog and give PIP 50% of net sales or "profits" and call them expectation damages, just to satisfy the bigger boys upstairs. He has to have some ounce of intellectual credibility left. I think if he awards expectation damages it will be under some license agreement scenario and will be more in line to custom and usage in the industry (ie, 7-10%) rather than some pie in the sky figure. Time will tell.


    • Yes, I told Golong that you would buy him lunch if he gave us some free legal advice. He did...
      Hate to spend your money like that...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to playthrough2001
      • That's okay, I'd rather spend it on a nice guy for lunch than to continue to allow some pompous #$%$ like Rose squander my money away with poor decisions.

        Very interesting read, the SC decision. It appears really that little has happened other than we're back to square front of Parsons. And, this time he's probably going to be REALLY annoyed with the SIGA side since they've caused him to look bad. Wouldn't be surprised if he took a LOT of time to sit and think how he could screw SIGA. Fact is, as BOTH the Chancery and Supreme courts noted, SIGA was liable for a breach and weren't very forthcoming and ethical about their negotiations after agreeing to be just that. Not sure how that makes me feel about the leadership in a company I'm invested in....but some are saying that the SC said there was a "Contract"....they stated there was a type II agreement....I'm not a lawyer, but I think those are two different things.

    • Not a dann thing Drod! Welcome back!

    • Nice to see you made it back in time to buy more before the big pop...

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