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  • juddman7 juddman7 Jun 12, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    Pipeline? 8 years later, nothing

    C'mon Siga, seriously, in 8 years all of your focus has been ST-246. You brag about your pipeline of drugs but NOTHING, no news, grants, presentations, NOTHING. imho Siga needs to talk about their pipeline drugs and less focus on ST-246 and Parsons. The more the market hears only of this one drug the less one can believe in the health/longevity of a company. It basically says that all we've got is this one drug and that without it our company is worthless.

    Dang, why is this management still in power? At the least, fire someone!

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    • The lack of information is intentional IMHO. They want the court to think they are "poor" to keep the judgement down. You have to keep in mind the company only cares about one shareholder, Perelman. His people run the company. Rose's first priority is as an employe first of MacAndrews and Forbes. SIGA comes only after that. If SIGA was a company run for the benefit of all shareholders, he would have been gone a long time ago.

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      • That's ridiculous.... not your statement, but if that's what they're doing. The court can't consider facts outside of the ones relevant to the case. So if pip was about to go bankrupt, how would the court consider that...." well, they're going to be out of business anyway"....or, "well, they do obviously need the money". Too dangerous to consider facts not related to the case.

    • Don't speak with sense or logic on this board. The natives don't understand it or how normal businesses are run.

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