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  • spectrollmicro spectrollmicro Jun 12, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Whining people should move on !


    If you don't like they way the shares trade, then move on to another equity. This constant crying is getting as old as some of the posters that have appeared over the last few months. If you have been invested here for 7 years and still complain then you are in the wrong investment style. Maybe you should give your money over to a professional and step back from the decision making process.

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    • Nobody here is saying they are in the "wrong investment style". Speculative growth has made me millions over the last 20 years, and it is still a small part of my over all portfolio. The problem is not the style of the investment but the management, which some rightfully suggest here that the Board has failed to live up to their fidicuary duties to shareholders and it's time to examine their record, and thier acts, or failures to act by management over the last five years (at the very least), and see if shareholder's interests have been properly served.

      Although the stock has declined 82% from it's high in 2010, and has never posted a profit, nor added one
      customer for their product outside of one contract with the US Government, management continues to pay themselves very well; issue themselves stock; stock options, and/or rights; and I'm sure other cash or non cash benefits that are fairly substantial and or simply excessive.

      We need new blood and a new direction here, and that should be fairly obvious to anyone who has owned this stock for more than a few years.

      PS...Me think you spend too much time with your "financial advisor" who is obviously raking in the bucks while you take the risk of "professional managment" and pay the fees...LOL...You got the buzz words down (ie, "managment style" Show me how many of these "professionals" have outperfomed the Indexes year after year and by how much (net of fees) and I'll be glad to consider your suggestion! LOL! In 2008 these stock professionals, and "equity" or "balanced account" "money managers" were down an average of over 30%+ so how did that work out for yah? LOL..Oh..If they had gotten you out they wouldn't have been paid? bad.

    • And, the constant telling people to move on is getting old you just want people to take ADDITIONAL losses and hits, just because you're tired of hearing what you don't want to hear? Sounds a little narcissistic to me.

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