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  • shelly_is_here shelly_is_here Jun 14, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    bought more great deal


    had to buy more today. Anther 8000 shares added to the IRAs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "ad to buy more today. Anther 8000 shares added to the IRAs"

      But that is not what the "BABBLING SARCASTIC" WHINEY paid FREAKS (who NEVER post a Sentiment & NEVER HAVE) wanted to hear,NWJ?
      Just check the insider holdings & understand you're in good company,NWJ?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Insider holdings? You're friggin kidding us aren't you? They didn't buy Siga stock with real money.
        They were either given their shares or exercised options. Rose and others sold millions of dollars worth of stock in the low teens while telling everyone just how "rosey" things were going with the company.

        Could "Shelly" get lucky with her Siga buys if things work out somehow? Sure. Doesn't mean though that buying a money losing penny stock for your IRA is a good strategy. TG the US Goverment doesn't allow the average moron citizen to invest their Social Security if this is what you and "Shelly" consider to be a suitable investments for ones retirement accounts...

    • Shelly...I'd consider suing yourself for incompetence for putting a penny stock that has declined 85% from its high, and pays no dividend, into your IRA. Looks like you're going to be working to at least to 85 with this strategy, so good luck!!

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      • Yeah, isn't it great that SIGA is always having a fire sale?!? The lucky thing for the BOD's and management is that, for some reason, there are ALWAYS fools out there willing to buy the shares they're trying to unload, that they incidentally got for free!

        Shelly is proud to be scooping up shares on a stock where the price keeps falling and even the EMPLOYEES of the company are staying away from it. Great call!

      • Golong, I know you bought closer to $4, but I think SIGA is a good value down here close to $3. if Parsons comes back with a fairer decision per the SC then we could see $6. Most the bad news is already priced in IMO. They are still delivering on the $400 million.

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