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  • drod4ball drod4ball Jul 16, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Big News?

    Do you people really think this is big news?!?! Did anyone not think they would deliver? much of this new $79M are they posting to revenue? None. And that is why the stock will trickle back down today. MO thinks this was worthy of 1-2 point increase, and he calls everyone else stupid, wow. This press release is like a manufacturing company saying "Hey, we manufactured units and delivered them to our customer". Again, how many shares has Rose bought since he sold? Same # as they are booking this $79M to revenue.

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    • I would say this is really good news. The problem is it leaked so the demand was met with supply from those in the know. Great management.

    • You ARE being a little too cynical, drod. Cash is cash, and $79 million is a heap of cash for this company. Period.

      All of the other stuff is just noise, until the court and revenue recognition issues get resolved. Until then, you take your moments to rejoice where you can find them. :)

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      • Still think I'm being cynical? I'd be surprised if we close up a nickel. No joke. This is not big news. Yeah, $80M is significant for a company this size, but they're not booking it to revenue for another 18 months, minimum. Had this gone to a profitable quarter, it might get on the radar. MO is just the biggest moron on the whole board and can't seem to grasp simple concepts. He has been wrong EVER Single time he has made a claim or prediction, but that hasn't stopped him from doing it....nor has it stopped some real fools from listening to him.

    • LOL, I knew you would show up when it backtracked a bit. good move on the Siga sale @2.90. Is the math a little clearer now? or is the 2.57% yield on aapl confusing you? Hope your Iphone doesn't electrocute you.
      By the way Rose did purchase stocks unlike Cook who sold stocks in the 600's

    • "this $79M to revenue."

      DRODFREAK, you too stupido to understand what $79M is to a company with a market cap of $140M & too stupido to understand what ACCEPTANCE is under a USG contract!

      Or is just more "babbling sarcasm" from The AMLN group of turds?
      Not too bright are any of you, mental cripples are you, NWJ?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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