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  • greg4242 Aug 30, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    Aug 21, Delaware court document

    Recieved an important Delaware Court of Chancery report today on up coming dates on civil trial #2627-VCP,
    PIP vrs SIGA. AS of 8-21-13 Siga ask for Production of Documents from PIP, Pip has till 9-16-13 to respond to Sigas third party representatives. Looks like, if issue can not be resolved out of court a date for hearing is set for 12-17-13. Dates of importance are 9-23-13 and dates 10-28-13 dates for parties to produce rebuttal reports of facts and arguments that would justify this case going to court in Dec.
    Doc is in Delaware Chancery court #2627-VSP. Very Strong Buy

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    • greg4242 Sep 2, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

      Thiese are good dates,for Siga.PIP must responsed on or before 9-16-13 to keep court case alive.As for the 9-16-2013 PIP MUST COME FORWARD AND DISCLOSE DAMAGES.This gives Siga time to read and respond.9-23-13.
      .With differences revealed, those that do not like out come, can move on, those that can or will wait for court so be it. With dates set into a time line both companies now have 3 weeks to speak, we all have time to see the words spoken and make up your minds.Having a time line in place by the courts is good,Pip now has to lay their issues on the table,So let them speak.I for one do not see alot of issues to lay on table, if there was why was PIP not given some copensation in june.I believe that is why the court told PIP to come up with something ,courts had nothing to say.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Seriously? More court dates!!!? C'mon, decide already! Really, can either PIP or SIGA offer ANY NEW NEWS/OPINIONS!? This is stupid! Unbelievable! Am I missing something here? Golly, how long can this poop go on? Unreal. I've been holding onto this garbage stock since 2005. Somebody wake me from this nightmare! ~pretty

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 3 Replies to prettycup36
      • well considering you have persevered for 5 years I think we can say that "you can see the light thru the tunnel."
        Dates mentioned:
        9/16/2013- 16 days away
        10/28/2013-two months away
        12/17/2013-three and a half months away
        guesstimate mid Feb for Parsons decision at the latest.(there is not much new evidence)
        Hang in there baby! This is no longer dead money like 5 years ago.

      • Garbage stock?!?! Why... how dare you! Some nerve talking like that! Why just take a look at the 5 year chart to see....oh, yuck, I see you're right.... my apologies...

      • Hi Pretty! You may recall some of warned that this fiasco does serve some parties, and that the systems is designed to support such nonsense and continue with this until there is simply no more money left. You don't have to produce or distribute pharmaceuticals to make money on pharmaceuticals, youmknow. Those that are making money here designed the system.

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