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  • fghton fghton Oct 16, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    Hey Larry Fitz-How'd that AMRN Work Out for Yah Today

    Nice portfolio loser...AMRN, who the FDA just dealt a BK notice to today by denying "Anchor", and Siga.
    Man, you one smart dude....LOL! Please give us your next pick so I can short the house on it...LOL!

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    • Awwww, fighton, so sweet of you to follow me around the internet. I'm flattered. Since you are so concerned, I haven't owned AMRN for 10 tradings days +/-. Did you happen to see KERX? Maybe you are savvy to the fact that I own many, many shares from long, long ago.

      Oh, and speaking of following me around the internet, did you enjoy the 53-minute video of your sister and I? A true classic. Long and strong.

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      • You got me Larr....Two ID's...One from 2008 that I use 99.9% of the time, and one from the Pete Carroll days at SC, that I mistakenly used the other day when Yahoo asked for an ID, and I hit the wrong sign in box
        Do you feel better now that you uncovered the big "mystery"?.

        In any event Larr....I have been here for around 5 years now. You've been here, and on other boards, a lot longer.

        I've posted on the record stocks that I buy, when I buy them, that have actually gone up, and some that have doubled or tripled in price. All within the last two years. TSRX was the triple....CLSN was the double plus. DRTX will be the next double. On AMRN...I posted when I bought and sold the stock, and was shouted down for doing that as a "basher" by people just like you, utter morons, and that was at a $10 average. Made 65% on the stock.

        You on the other hand have held Siga from $16 to $3.50...You held AMRN from $16 until you said you sold a week or so ago around $5. It is now $2, and since you don't post either your buys or your sells to verify them at the time you claim to do them, then one must presume from past history you're simply a moronic compulsive liar, and you still hold the stock at $2, and have a huge loss.

        You stated you owned KERX but you never posted your buys or sells in that name either, so that's more than likely just another big lie. I believe the only persons on this Board who posted they had a position in KERX
        when it was around $3-$4 was Play and Minnie. Certainly not you pal ,unless you got on that bandwagon later based on the analytical efforts of others..

        Let's do this big man... You give me your three best picks for appreciation in the next six months and I'll give you mine. We'll start on Monday. Winner sends the other a check for $500. We'll let Board members over see the bet on line. % gain. You in, or still hiding behind the ability of others to pick "winners" for you? Loser.

      • I have to say Larry, that was one of the worst and dumbest comebacks and attempt an insults that I've ever seen. You have GOT to be like 70 years old, trying to be cool.

        Yep, lets all talk about the stocks that we own, have made a killing on too, that no one will ever be able to verify! Good stuff. Hey, I have a model girlfriend. We meet in the Alps twice a month and bang it out. Then I take her shoe shopping to a designer who makes unique one of a kind shoes, just for her. The kicker is they only charge me $10 a pair. And they're made out of solid gold! Hey, this fibbing thing is fun.....

    • Who is Larry Fitz?

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      • Larryfitz has been a long time Siga long who pumped the stock along with his boyfriend idol, Boomer, all the way from 4 to 16 and all the way back down again. He's never had an original thought or idea of his own, but merely tells everyone how much he has made on something AFTER it goes way up. Doubt he even knows what half the stocks he claims he's owned and made big money on, even do.

        As for AMRN...He was late once again to the party, and then road it all the way down, but now says he sold it ten days ago before the big crash today on an FDA panel vote.. Yah right. The guy's pretty harmless though. Never posts anything worthy of a response, either pro or con, so really kinda harmless. Kind of like a slug in your garden! A pest at times, but for the most part you just ignore him.

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