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  • drod4ball drod4ball Oct 30, 2013 8:15 PM Flag


    $5.50 by Friday still??

    We'll be lucky to have a mention of an earnings report by then, much less another $2!

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    • What can I say? You are awesome Drod. Actually you had the right instincts for nflx but just 2-3 week off on your call.
      I am stuck in this pos stock till Feb 15th 2014(I bought @4.11) which makes it a year for tax purposes. I'm bailing at that time and may go to Gologin's pick full force if it hasn't made its run yet. I have a 1000 shares of his drtx which has been ok so far.

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      • I'm not awesome at all....that's not what I'm saying. My point is that Rose and management just don't give a cr@p about the stock, the shareholders, or even moving the company forward. It's a joke. They destroyed any momentum that they had. If you take a step back and look at it all void of ego and emotion, you can see that. Hope you can get out with at least a break have NO IDEA how much I would love JUST to break even on this POS. It has literally been one of the worst performing stocks for the past 18 months.

        RE: NFLX. Yeah, I always seem to have poor timing. Story of my life. Charts are broken, definitely, and the support is fading. You can see it by the minus 15 day, then a plus 13, then a minus 10, followed by today's plus 6. On a down trend for sure. Will hope to cover around 270ish. LNKD was the same, I shorted and it went up, then covered at a loss. Now it is WAY below where I shorted. All of this bloated nonsense for some of these stocks cannot go on forever.

        RE: SIGA, this is absolutely dead money. For at least another 18 months. Bank on it. It might make a run to 4-ish again, but will be back down. No way it EVER gets to 5 without major news. Too many people will be fighting to get out that the sell side will aboslutely dominate the buy side and keep the SP stagnant.