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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Nov 6, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

    Siga---Great Earnings---Congrats to Longs ugh Shorts! LOL

    Revenues of 2.3 million for the quarter! Wow....same as the third quarter too! Only lost on operations 5.6 million too! Little worse than the 5.4 million they lost the previous quarter. Siga has only lost 17 million for the nine months of 2013...Good job guys! Now that deserves some new stock options and/or grants for sure!
    Going to reduce headcount now...Ugh a little late won't you say?

    Sorry PIP...You guys are never going to see one time from this company. Not a dime....LOL!
    What an undiscovered gem this company is! I'm going to buy 250k shares at the opening tomorrow I'm so
    impressed! Congrats to all longs!!

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    • Got to love this Board. Get three thumbs down for reporting PURE FACTS...not opinions.....facts.
      I would love to post that Siga posted big profits....are increasing staff....FDA approval is just around the corner...and the pipeline is booming with new prospects. But that would be a LIE so why bother just to
      appease some of the morons here who have been bag holders for four years now, and are bound and
      determined to go down with this ship.

      You just know that in a former lives these thumbs down posters were on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and never got off the ship because they believed the Captain when he said, while getting into his lifeboat...
      "Don't worry folks....we're just stopping for ice here"....LOL!

      Gotta love it.

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      • That was the biggest joke of a transcript I've ever seen. I LOVE how they try so desperately not to make the downsizing look bad....we're "optimizing" our resources. No you jackasses, you're letting people go because you can't see being able to keep them on staff with the horrendous business direction you're going and the terrible decisions you've made....yet you want to keep your job so you can continue to get free shares and immediately cash them in. What a pathetic admission that things are not going well and they don't see much revenue past this first contract with BARDA. That's basically what they are saying. They are not optimizing anything but the chances for their own longevity. Does ANYONE not see that?!?! Such a bunch of big losers.

    • Hysterically accurate summary. How do the idiots here not understanding that REDUCING head count for a supposedly GROWING company is not sending the right signals? I bet they are doing that to have the funds in the budget to give Rose and the other two idiots more money. Why not milk it for all you can before you go under. Also, LOVE how they word it, attempting to make it sound positive ...."streamline"...great buzz word guys!