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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Nov 13, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    DRTX New High at 11 Today

    In very large from $7.60 and I tried gang..

    OK...Now you can get all over me for ONTX...

    TTPH....ditto, up nicely today and in that name from $9.85

    So far three big winners.....CLSN (Yes Drod I understand your story there but others here didn't have the same experience...LOL)...TSRX....DRTX....and one developing story....TTPH....

    And one big loser thus far...ONTX.... Far enough...?.

    Oh Siga?...Keeps going down huh?...NP thankfully.....

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    • ONTX doesn't keep going down, it's just down significantly from where you "LOADED UP" at 18!
      What a stinker. Every time I follow you, tragedy happens. Maybe it's me?!? Actually, I've made a little
      only ONTX...bought some and sold some twice, in the 14-16 range.

      Now I just have to wait for NFLX to hit reality. LOVE how no one thinks the stock isn't extremely over valued, even from a forward looking POV. To trade at 350, the stock needs 10-15 per share a year in earnings. Not going to happen, considering they're now doing about 2. This is just the classic case of everyone buying in because they "want to be rich too" without putting any consideration on what they're buying into. Constant fluff and PR's isn't going to make this company worth more $.

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      • Hey Drod...Cut me some slack here. Did I not post on this board for people to buy TSRX at $7.15 multiple times? Can I help it if you did not, and others here did, and it was bought out at $14 less than a year later. Did I not post here multiple times for people to buy at DRTX at $7.60.. didn't buy it. Silver here did...and TSRX. He's a real happy camper right now, and with CLSN, which he also bought in the 2's and sold in the 7's like I did two days before the failed trial results. fault you didn't? I posted on this board when I sold CLSN and my reasons. You choose to ignore them. Tragedy? Yah like winning the lotto is a tragedy...

        ONTX...Yes...I went long pretty big at 18. Yes...I sold half on the run to $18.65 the day Citi put out their research and a buy target of $27. Yes...I'm still holding the other half of the position. Yes, it is a loser right

        And speaking of losers....Go back and read my post the day NFLX tanked from the 340's to under 300 and my comment to you to cover your short and get your "nose out of the trap"...Your reply..."this is no trap"..

        I'm on your side Drod.. This is not a competition. Just some friendly advice maybe to look at some other things but shorting NFLX. GL to you....seriously.

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