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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Nov 28, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Happy Thanksgiving Sigaites!!

    Most fitting holiday of the year for Siga longs....Turkey day! And what can be better than holding one of the biggest losing stocks of the last few years in Siga? LOL! Don't fret though. Once the "manipulators" and those other people in the "shadows" who are causing your stock to go down finally give it, it should do fantastic!

    Seriously longs. Make a resolution today to start reading facts (10k's and 10q's) on your stocks.
    Turn off Fox Business News for a couple of weeks (No Matha...the stock market hasn't crashed yet it is at
    new record highs...No Martha....our gold is not going up, it has crashed....Yes Martha...It's the Fed's plot to destroy the US economy....etc.) and try and invest in something...anything....that is going up and not down!

    That is, unless you're short, then you should continue on with your logic behind investing in Siga!
    Seriously....I wish all of you good luck but seriously, most of you here have really missed a good stock market in 2013...

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    • Ignore this idiot. He's a short who thinks he can convince people to sell their stock by either writing generalities or by flat out lying. It's about time he joins the other resident annoyances. IGNORE

      • 2 Replies to kageglantz
      • Kageputz....Glad to see you're still posting after all these years and watching your investment go from 16 to 3.
        And you're still a diehard, forget the facts, down with the ship, long. Are you still claiming Amsterdam as your home, or have you moved on from there?

        You are exactly the type of person I was referencing in my post. Stubborn and stupid. S&S...You probably believe in the tooth fairly too even though your parents told you there wasn't one when you were 16...LOL!

        Yet, after all these years, you've never posted one fact...just one...why you believe in this POS.
        You and the long gone Boomer, Zitllips, and Eastern...Quite the crew. A trio of bury your head in the sand loser longs, yet all of you remain pompous, self righteous, and indignant. Are you sure you're not a politician? LOL!

        And PS...Does it really make sense to you that I'm a short? I mean, I first posted by buy of Siga stock when it hit $16. If I were short don't you think I be tickled as pink right about now? My only saving grace was selling the junk at $4.50 and buying a great bio at $5.50 that got bought out at $14 (TSRX).

      • Let me get this straight.... kage, who has been nothing short of one of sigas biggest fans thru all of the failures and disasters, losing all his gains along the way, is calling go long inan idiot. That has to be rhw ironic post of the year. Does this moron realize no one cares who he puts on ignore. This board is a different animal since boomeriz et al dominated the board. Reality has set in with a bang.

    • Boomer has just programmed your coordinates for that drone he just launched. Let us know when you receive it.

    • Happy Holidays to all short and longs.
      Anyone care to explain why the recent upswing last few trading days?

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