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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Dec 26, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

    Happy New Year Sigaites!!

    Hope all of my fellow longs had a great Xmas (except for the poster who gave me ten thumbs down just because I wished him a lump of coal in his stocking from Santa!), and we're all looking forward to a great new year and fresh start in 2014.

    Siga remains for now a trading stock that you buy under $3, and hopefully sell as it approaches $3.60.
    Until insiders decide to buy stock on the open market there is no reason for you to do so either. If you think
    you're smarter than they are....think again.

    In the meantime, start to look for some good opportunities in 2014, but keep in mind that we WILL have a 4-8% correction sometime during the coming year. This is not a prediction my friends....It will be a fact.
    Look at some of the techs and industrial stocks that didn't move all that much in 2013. I think they'll be the winners in 2014 as worldwide economies recover. Big dividend paying stocks will be out in 2014, while mid cap mid range dividend paying companies should be "in". Stay away from telecoms. Buy some gold and material stocks for speculation. Stick with the public MLP's that did so well in 2013. And of course select bios and drug stocks should continue to do well in 2014 if you have more winners than losers.


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    • GOLONG: Happy New Year to you too! Be glad to see this one in the rear-view mirror, but hope springs eternal for 2014. I tried to respond to your greeting in another post, but the board wouldn't allow me to log in. The practice has kept me pretty busy these last few months. Thus, haven't had much time to monitor the boards. Doesn't seem like much has changed though. Cheerleaders on each side still cheering (mainly wishing and hoping) and the court system chugging along at snail's pace, as usual. It will all end one day and I suspect most of us will be left wondering what the heck was I thinking?
      Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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