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  • evenu2canexcel evenu2canexcel Jan 15, 2014 1:09 PM Flag

    Anyone Notice DOPEYDROD

    thinks all forgot he posted that he covered his fictitious short at a great BIG LOSS and then posted he joined the crowd and went fictitiouys LONG at $375 & unless he can stop all the BIGTIME BASHERS his fictitious
    LONG is giving him nightmares & he's attacking a great big FLIX winner (all you have to do is review all 90 of the ONE FLIX PONY posts to see who the BIG DOPEY LOSER is), NWAMLN!

    Can FLIX hit $400 in January & split 10-20 to 1, double within months & get a buyout?
    The float is too small for the demand & all the orchestrated bashing won't scare folks into selling what will be the STOCK & COMPANY OF THE DECADE.
    Watch & learn.
    But heed the DOPEY 24/7 BASHERS here at your financial peril.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You are an ABSOLUTE LOON dude, seriously!! You have an uncanny way of spinning and deflecting things, you know that?? And you must be good at it because some fools gave you three thumbs!

      Hey, I've got a question for you....whether I went long or short, and made a killing or got killed, what does that have ANYTHING to do with you SCREAMING that NFLX was going to $400 in days?!? Got an answer for that one you two brain-celled fool? My God, this is just disaterous to see a guy mentally implode over a message board. Wow, just wow. FYI, I did go long but SOLD most of it when the suppport started breaking down but held my long position. IS that possible??? Nah, not in your crazy, irrational thought infested world.

2.46Mar 13 4:00 PMEDT