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  • evenu2canexcel evenu2canexcel Jan 16, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    Whose Abilities & Judgment Do You Value More?

    Dr. Rose or DOPEYDROD?
    LMAO in triple time at DOPEY's desperation,NWAMLN?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Why are you comparing a CEO with a scorned and angry shareholder? makes no sense! BTW weak CEO is no
      Steve Jobs.

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      • "Why are you comparing a CEO with a scorned and angry shareholder? "

        "comparing" No comparing.
        You must decide who & what you are by a careful review of the Basher's Rules & learning how to read.

        "Scorned and angry shareholder"?
        DOPEYDROD was not scorned,is not angry & is not & never was a shareholder.
        A careful review of all of his posts will disclose that he is and has been a basher & fits half of all the basher's rules.... and is an awful substitute for AMLN 24/7.

        "Weak CEO"?
        Prove that ridiculous comment.
        He presided over the development of THE CURE, the award of a $2.8B BARDA contract for the CURE (the ONLY cure for smallpox in the world), & is patiently waiting with the real shareholders for the final $1 (one buck) award to POOP for expectancy damages That POOP must "PROVE with REASONABLE certainty"!

        "is no Steve Jobs"
        Could Steve Jobs execute a triple bypass, a heart transplant, be Chief Of Thoracic Surgery, serve on a BARDA Board, develop a cure, obtain a sole source $2.8B contract , satisfy a billionaire RP & be a candidate for The Nobel Medicine Prize?
        Be grateful that he is no Steve Jobs .

        BUY a few SIGA, take delivery, box 'em, be patient & get some training so that you can graduate from a ridiculous basher dull pitchfork to a meaningful contributor to society,NWAMLN?


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Right on

    • You mean the same Dr Rose that stated he felt the contract would be upheld when it was in dispute...and then turned around and sold a big lot of stock in the teens?? Trust his judgement?? What a moron.

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