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  • collectorsquest collectorsquest Mar 13, 2014 10:55 AM Flag

    Nobody cares. No one trusts this management. . Their eyeballs are elsewhere.

    SIGA has lost their attention.

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    • Thanks for your opinion Golong.

    • Everything that goes on inside Siga is orchestrated to benefit only management and insiders. If the court forces them to give PIP an exclusive license to sell in accordance with the LATS, you can stick a fork in them. The only thing that surprises me these days is why shareholders haven't sued them for breach of fiduciary obligations. A pathetic bunch!

    • Siga is not an on-going business "play". There is NO on-going business folks...Do you not see that?
      The ONLY issue left is at the end of the Barda contract, and at the end of the PIP litigation, and after paiying off all debts and other liabilities, and selling off the patents for ST-246, and any existing inventory, how much money is left in the bank, if any, and what will the company do with it??

      Will the cash that is left be more, or less, than the current $3.19 per share that the stock is trading at today?
      Will the company try and buy another business, or patents, etc.,,. or will they simply fold and distribute
      whatever is left in a one time special dividend to shareholders?? What can't you people figure out here? It's really not all that tough....There is no pipeline, so there is no future business. End of story.

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      • A "shill"? For whom? What I posted was completely accurate. Siga and the FDA have not even agreed on a SPA to get ST-246 animal studies protocol approved to ultimately receive FDA approval. Apparently, they've either had communication with, or a meeting with, the FDA to discuss it, but I don't believe anything has been formalized and agreed to in writing between Siga and the FDA. If they have please be so kind as to correct me.

        Do you call a company with ONE contract, that will expire by it's terms on a date certain within the next three years, and no other contracts existing for their product, an "on-going business"? I don't. Can you point to what the company intends to do after the current contract with BARDA runs it course unless BARDA options a new contract for ST-246? What pipeline products does the company now have to take the place of ST-246 if BARDA does not renew an option to purchase ST-246 within the next three years?

        The positves are the company should have a substantial amount of cash at the end of the current BARDA contract unless they get tagged by PIP bigtime on the second go around here. That was my point. Will that cash be worth more than the $3.16 per share the stock is currently trading at, and if so, how much more?
        Add to that the value of the patents for ST-246, and you have the basic value of the company.

      • Asinine statements. Sell off the patents? No ongoing business? Completely, illogical, idiotic statements. Maybe you forgot all about the BARDA's initial RFP and the quantity needed. Maybe you forgot that FDA approval is in progress. Your pathetic posts are transparent. You are a shill.

      • But, I heard that there is a Dengue outbreak in the Philippines. Doesn’t that count?

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