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  • Where are the pump tards that usually post articles? Everyone give up? Doesn't thus company have something in pipeline for ebola? ? Oh yeah what pipeline what updates? Only company I know that does not update, advance or discover a drug for pipeline in 5 years? Talk about complacent. But raises and free stock for everyone!!!#

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    • Ah, the old EBOLA. Don't worry, they're not saying anything because of the lawsuit! Right now, they're secretly planning a "partnership"....all THREE of them left in the office, Rose, Luckshire, and Fromer. This is going to be GREAT! The best execution of a triple lundy optimization that you've ever seen!!

    • No, this company has NO pipeline ...The people with something for Ebola is TKMR, and their stock actually rallied on the news today. Their stock has gone from $4.25 to $23 in the last 52 weeks. The stock market, unfortunately for Siga holders, makes a distinction between real and imaginary products. But to some of the nut job stalkers on this Board, they live in an imaginary la la land anyway, so it makes no difference.

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