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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Jun 5, 2014 11:07 AM Flag

    Happy Friday Sigaites

    Been a while and just dropping by to say "hi" to my friends here. Been a good market of late. Lots of stocks hitting new highs...Well...with the exception of Siga, which just hit a new low this morning. Drod is right you know. You pumpers have lost all objectivity. One of the worst performing stocks in the last five years, no doubt about it, but your heads remain buried in the sand. Keep shouting down logic and reason, but how has that helped your stock, or your bank accounts? The longs here are the best example of why Social Security should never allow participants to make stock investments. The average Joe is simply ignorant when it comes to investing...Some are worse than others for sure, but I think they're all here except for a few longs who have just been "stuck" with this POS for years on end.
    Siga nut job keeps following me around the Boards posting thumbs down. Kind of gotten use to him. Like that crazy girl who lives upstairs to Charlie in "Two and a Half Men" and keeps starring into his windows stalking him. Crazy people who need help all over this world. I just hope he/she is not a danger to himself, or to others.

    In any event...Have a nice weekend all and remember...I'm out of here for good if the new Parson's verdict goes Siga's way and the stock rallies to $3.50 or above. You pumpers must leave for good when they lose
    We made a deal.

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